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Sailor Moon – Tuxedo Mirage lyrics

Mikazuki-no shaare-ni hoshi-no piasu hazushite
Doushiyou mune-ga mune-ga ippai
Hanabi-ga hoshi-ni natte mo koi-ga yami-e kiete mo
Onegai-yo kisu-o yamenai-de
Biroudo-no kaori-de nusunde mo ii
Kono haato ginga-de deatta koi-yo

* Yofuke-no manto hirogereba niji-iro
Motto-motto aishiteru

Kanaria-no orugouru sotto feidoauto
Doushiyou mune-ga mune-ga tsumaru-no
Namida-ga hoshi-ni natte mo kaiten-mokuba kiete mo
Onegai-yo kisu-o yamenai-de
Biroudo-no shisen-de tsutsumaretai-no
Kono haato ginga-de chikatta koi-yo

Hanabira-no arashi dakishimete yasashite
Zutto-zutto kienai-de

* Repeat

At a crescent-shaped chalet, I take off my star piercings.
What do I do? My heart, my heart is full.
Should the fireworks become stars, should love be put out in the dark,
Please don't take the kiss away.
It's okay if you steal me away with the scent of velvet
To a love that this heart met out in the galaxy!

* The cloak of the night extends outward in rainbow colors
Love me more and more
Tuxedo mirage
Tuxedo mirage

The canary music box softly fades out.
What do I do? My heart, my heart is plugged.
Should the tears become stars, should the carousel disappear,
Please don't take the kiss away.
I want to be pulled in by your glance of velvet
To a love that this heart pledged out in the galaxy!

Hold me close, gently, amid the storm of flowers
Stay near me forever and ever
Tuxedo mirage

* Repeat

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