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Sabaton – Attero Dominatus lyrics

Berlin is burning
The reich has fallen

We stand at the gates of Berlin
With two and a half million men
With six thousand tanks in our ranks
Use them as battering rams

Artillery leading our way
A million grenades has been launched
The nazis must pay for their crimes
The wings of the eagle has been broken

Marshall Zhukov's orders:
Serve me Berlin on a plate!
Disregard the losses
The city is ours to take

The price of a war must be payed
Millions of lives has been lost
The price must be paid by the men
That started the war in the 30's

The spring of the year 45'
The year when the nazis will fall
We're inside the gates of Berlin
The beak of the eagle is broken

Comrade Stalins orders:
Serve me it's head on a plate
Disregard the losses
The eagle's land is ours to take

In Berlin!

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    This song is about the Battle of Berlin, designated the Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation by the Soviet Union. It was the final major offensive of the European theater of World War II, starting on 12th of January 1945 with the Soviets breaching the German defensive front as part of the Vistula - Oder Offensive. The first defensive preparations at the outskirts of Berlin were made on 20 March, but before the main battle in the city itself began, the Soviets encircled the city as part of their successful assault on Seelow Heights. The battle within the city itself lasted from 20 April until the morning of 2 May, beginning with the 1st Belorussian Front led by Marshal Georgy Zhukov shelling Berlin's city center, while Marshal Ivan Konev's 1st Ukrainian Front pushing through the Germans Army Group Center. The city's defenders finally surrendered on the 2nd of May; however, fighting continued to the north-west, west, and south-west of the city until the end of the war in Europe on the 8th of May.The Soviets had 2.5 million men, 6250 tanks and 41,600 artillery pieces versus the severly depleted 45,000 German defenders.
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