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Sabaton – 7734 lyrics

The dawn of time breaks
See the sun rise to the sky
The wheel of time begins to turn

But then we heard it
A divine voice out of nowhere
Spoke to our hearts and showed the way

Almighty lord we have come to your hall
Do glatem live, creator of all
Open your heart and you will find a way
Paradise calling and enter you may

Falling down
Now your soul returns to paradise

The wheel kept turning, ages came
Time passed us by
We lived in perfect harmony
But then it happened
Our ranks decreased rapidly
But now it's time for our return

Once we were numerous
But that's long ago
We are no longer 7734
We last 2united and 2 became 1
111 perished in flames

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Submitted bydrip


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    An absolutely wonderful piece of metal! The song is full of symbols and meanings. Some examples:.
    Type 7734 on a calculator and turn it upside down and you'll have "hell".
    Do glatem live spelled in reverse gives "evil metal god". Just switch the place of the last whitespace.
    My favourite one: "we are no longer 7734" (this time it's sung as double seven three four) followed by "we last 2 united and 2 became 1". The last two (3 & 4) united (3+4=7) and two became one (3 and 4 replaced by 7) gives 777 which is the "good" number. This is followed by "111 perished in flames" which gives 777 - 111 = 666 and now we're back in hell again;-)
    The song obviously moves between heaven & hell and I think it takes its stand in that it's all relative. One mans heaven is another mans hell.
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