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Run-D.M.C. – Let's Stay Together lyrics

Dmc, my man, the place to be
(Whether, whether)
Yo, this song's dedcated
To all those who been down with each other since day one
(Good or bad, happy or sad)
Check it out
Let's keep it together

Now we been all around the world from the corner of the block
To the top of the world and back
Put a Roley on the ave ain't nobody ever have
And a brand new jet black Cadillac
You been down since day one and no matter where I go
People wanna see you next to me
They say what's up with D
I used to jam all across the land, the Coliseum, even msg
When raise hell, quick as hell in the shells
And then bust your tail after every show
We were just givin' the mike, livin' the life
Of mtv and the radio
And so you, J, and me since eighty-three
Been livin' and stickin' together like a family
And no matter what the rumors be
It's guaranteed that I'm for you and you for me

[Jagged Edge]
Let's (let's)
Let's stay together (together)
Lovin' you whether (whether)
Whether (whether)
Times are good or bad, happy or sad

Yo, now I'm up on the mike
Can't touch my love for my wife
Baby I ain't goin' nowhere
Especially the way you smile when you have my child
And when I rock the crowd can't wait to be right there
Even my kids that ain't yours still yours
Cause you love 'em and you treat 'em like your very own
We be holdin' hands and I be holdin' doors
And with my mother-in-law spend time alone
Call about five hundred times a day
When I'm off and gone cause I'm on the road
And when I'm on the phone you know I wanna be home
Cause that's the one and only spot where I really belong
You know I love callin' you the preacher's wife
With the keys to the Bentley livin' it up
And everybody would know, done seen us in the video
On the dance floor straight cuttin' it up
I love you baby

[Jagged Edge]
Let's (let's)
Let's stay together (together)
Lovin' you whether (whether)
Whether (whether)
Times are good or bad, happy or sad

To me you mean the world
No matter what it is you say
I always will be there for you
So no, no matter what
Let's stay together
Through the good, bad, happy or sad

Let's (let's)
Let's stay together (together)
Lovin' you whether (whether)
Whether (whether)
Times are good or bad, happy or sad

Ain't no reason to leave nobody you love
Best thing in life is to have somebody
So keep it together
(Good or bad, happy or sad)

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