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Roy Clark – Yesterday, When I Was Young lyrics

Seems the love I've known has always been
The most destructive kind
Yes, that's why now I feel so old
Before my time.

Yesterday when I was young
The taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue.
I teased at life as if it were a foolish game,
The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame.
The thousand dreams I dreamed, the splendid things I planned
I'd always built to last on weak and shifting sand.
I lived by night and shunned the naked light of the day
And only now I see how the years ran away.

Yesterday when I was young
So many happy songs were waiting to be sung,
So many wild pleasures lay in store for me
And so much pain my dazzled eyes refused to see.
I ran so fast that time and youth at last ran out,
I never stopped to think what life was all about
And every conversation I can now recall
Concerned itself with me and nothing else at all.

--- Instrumental ---

Yesterday the moon was blue
And every crazy day brought something new to do.
I used my magic age as if it were a wand
And never saw the waste and emptiness beyond.
The game of love I played with arrogance and pride
And every flame I lit too quickly, quickly died.
The friends I made all seemed somehow to drift away
And only I am left on stage to end the play.

There are so many songs in me that won't be sung,
I feel the bitter taste of tears upon my tongue.
The time has come for me to pay for
Yesterday when I was young...

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  • u
    I was 15 when roy produced this song. I liked the sounds, the beat, the music. But never really listened to the words like so many kids in my youth. I just recently reacquainted myself with the song and how the tears flowed. I am now a single man with nothing but memories, some pleasant, some not so. I really don't wish to back and do it all again, because I would probably do it the same way. But I am just so lonesome now,.
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  • f
    Heard this song in my teenage years, though it was promoted as country. The lyrics are some of the best ever produced. I've had and have friends who've lived their lives this way, and are now in their 60's as I am. No wife, little family, no children or grandchildren. Such a somber way of recollecting a life that at one time seemed joyous, and unending.
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  • s
    so far away91
    This song does realy something to me, when I was listen to this at the age of 21, I did not care all about, but now a days I started to take a look this lyrics and I feel nothing but regret what am I left behind, It seems to me a verse which can be realize with eternal feeling which I've been through, however, Reminded me some awfull mistake I've done in my life, thasts a correct decline as well.
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  • u
    I like this songs it bring back my mermory when I was young as a teenager, my tears were drop because I feel so muchlonely when imrember this when I was in high school. I'll nver forget this song so sweet, and swing like lullaby. My best friends, and I want to rexcall our happiest moment so memorable and I remeber my parents who love also this song. Everytime I listen and play this song, in feel lonely and teary eys. Thanks for the songwriter, and musician who dedicate to us specially to the lovers.
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  • u
    This song rings so true for most of us. We kind of sprinted through our youth without a thought for the consequences. And now they're here to haunt us. Fortunately, something woke me up in time to salvage things so very important - a wonderful wife, two awesome sons and their wives and four unbelievable grandchildren. But thinking about the past brings cringes to my soul. I truly regret the arrogant, ego filled things I did. Wisdom arrives to late to erase stupidity, but redemption is there for some of us who recognize the need for it.
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