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Romeo – Sit N Low lyrics

(feat. Lil' D)

[Intro: Romeo (Lil' D)]
Gs Up
Cookie Monster J. Are.
(G. You. Double T. A.)
(Gutta in the building homeboy)

[Hook x2: Romeo (Lil' D)]
Sit n low 24s yes, Suicide do's yea
Down South country boy grillz iced out yea
(Wont stop can't stop dog its No Limit)
(Guttar Music to the finish dog we still Limit)

[Verse: Romeo]
Now the cars sit low in the rain it don't matter
If I have to put it up then you have to us a ladder
Now I'm sittin in the sky yea kinda like a building be
Gotta keep them honeys paint job like a bumblebee
Put it on the side make the Coop go faster
Cops just wave I'm the son of a Master
I sit back, just lay back, the May-back
Bed full of girls and they wonder why I'm laid back
Wheels match the grillz sneakers match the tees
Gutta music chain hangin now its all up to me
Can't lose gotta win, on the top where I be
Pictures of a little kid yea I gotta have a P
Got a team full of soldiers when I feel I have to creep
(Whoodihoop) that's the Phantom run off the high beam
I'm so Hollyhood best on the West
Just hit 81 like a 8 on my chest

[Hook x2: Romeo (Lil' D)]

[Verse: Lil' D]
I sit low on 24s but my dos up higher
Inside cherry velour, candy red outside
I ride ginger combinations like lockers
My diamonds stay in the ring like a couple of boxers
Try to rob dog you gon need a couple of doctors
You's an actor not a gangster get a couple of Oscars
I'm real to the bone keep two cell phones
Soldier girl in my grill now she wanna take the boy home
Yep, she can hop up in my E. S. V.
Sits reclinin, watch so hdtv
I aint lyin sometimes I think my jewellery gay brother
Cause when it shine it make a bunch of rainbow colors
Ooh, dog who is you
And how you call yourself shinin when my rims got mo diamonds then you
And how you rich when I can even buy you too
I'm sittin low wit a 6. 4 lookin like I got it

[Hook x2: Romeo (Lil' D)]

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