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Romanovsky & Phillips – When Hetrosexism Strikes lyrics

This was written after reading an article by Joseph Neisen in
The Fall 1990 issue of out/Look, titled "Heterosexism or
Homophobia? The Power of the Language We Use. " He writes,
"Heterosexism... Identifies the true origin of the prejudice...
And concentrates on the real problem - discrimination against gay
Men and lesbians... Use of heterosexism leads the way from
Victimization to survival. ")
You're applying for a job
So you're filling out a form
And for all intents and purposes
You fit into the norm
Until it says to list your next of kin
But there's no box to fit you in
Cause the one you love
The one who shares your life
Is not your husband or your wife
Oh no!
Heterosexism strikes again
So use the power of the pen
To draw a box of your own and then
Label it however you like:
Lover, spouse or partner-in-life
That's one way you can fight
When heterosexism strikes
Michael served his country well
When he went to fight the war
And each letter from his lover
He locked safely in a drawer
Until a witch hunt of Mccarthy style
Demanded he be put on trial
They said his love, his sexuality
Threatened national security
Oh no!
Heterosexism knocks you down
But pick yourself up off the ground
And challenge them to a second round
Get a lawyer, file a report
Drag their asses back into court
That's one way you can fight
When heterosexism strikes
Don't let them break you, or make you miserable
Don't let them take you, and make you invisible
We're here, we're queer, that's a natural fact
When heterosexism strikes, strike back!
Sharon and her lover Sue
Danced and dined by candlelight
They were one of many couples getting intimate that night
Until the waiter asked them both to leave
And they looked at him in disbelief
As he ended their romantic night of bliss
Because they'd had the nerve to kiss
Oh no!
Heterosexism strikes again
But you've got rights you must defend
So get together a group of your gayest friends
Go back to the scene of the crime
Hug and kiss and have a good time
That's one way you can fight
When heterosexism strikes
Heterosexism on the loose
But you don't have to take abuse
No! Now's the time we can put to use
The righteous anger we feel
The love we're taught to conceal
We've got to stand up and fight
When heterosexism strikes

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