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Roger Waters – Four Minutes lyrics

[Billy:] "Four minutes and counting."
[Jim:] "O.K."
[Billy:] "They pressed the button, Jim."
[Jim:] "They pressed the button Billy, what button?"
[Billy:] "The big red one."
[Jim:] "You mean THE button?"
[Billy:] "Goodbye, Jim."
[Jim:] "Goodbye!
Oh yes
This ain't au revoir, it's goodbye!
Ha! Ha!
This is kaos
It's a beautiful, balmy
Southern California summer day
It's 80 degrees...
I said balmy...
I could say bomby
Ha! Ha!
O. K.
I'm Jim and this is Radio kaos
And with only four minutes left to us
Let's use this as wisely as possible....
([Molly:] Everybody got someone they call home)
Out at Dodger Stadium
It's the bottom of the seventh
The Dodgers are leading three to nothing over the Giants
And for those of you who are looking to go surfing tomorrow
Too bad
(Telephone rings)
I'm kinda lost in here to tell you the truth
O. K., good
Ladies and gentlemen
If the reports that we are getting are correct
This could be it
Billy, if you're listening to me
Please call now. "
After a near miss on the plane
You swear you'll never fly again
After the first kiss when you make up
You swear you'll never break up again
And when you've just run a red light
Sit shaking under the street light
You swear to yourself you'll never drink and drive again
Sometimes I feel like going home
You swear you'll never let things go by again
Sometimes I miss the rain and snow
And you'll never toe the party line again
And when the east wind blows
Sometimes I feel like going home
[Jim:] "Billy, if you are listening, please call."
[Californian Weirdo:] "Sole has no eyes."
[Molly:] "Goodbye little spy in the sky
They say that cameras don't lie
Am I happy
Am I sad
Am I good
Am I bad? "
[Jim:] "Billy, if you're listening, please call."
[Californian Weirdo:] "Sole has no eyes
Sole has no eyes. "
[Billy:] "Ten, nine, eight, seven..."
[Margaret Thatcher:] "Our own independent nuclear deterrent
Has helped to keep the peace. "
[Billy:] "Six, five four, three..."
[Ordinary Person:] "'ve go a job..."
[Billy:] "Two, one..."
[Margaret Thatcher:] "For nearly forty years"
[Jim:] "Goodbye Billy."

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    The song is about prostitution and a woman wanting a lift from a hiv Driver says come on have a cup of coffee she gets in never to be see again .
    But shes a ghost and turned it around on him befr that he asked to take my hand in some strange calleyfornea way and shakes and breaks your bones an house wife looking senile whos husbands on the golf course in his book / it meens it was me playing gilf then:).
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