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Roger Creager – Should've Learned By Now lyrics

Roger Creager

Looks like I really screwed up again
Should've learned by now that I ain't never gonna win
I know the reason, I didn't even ask, I've heard it all from relationships past
Now I'm on my own again
But as you leave, I say there goes another good woman
Should've learned by now, that I can catch 'em, but I can't hold 'em
I take it all with a grain of salt, don't worry darlin' this ain't your fault
Sometimes you just gotta know when to fold 'em

Tonight I'm down at the dancehall, I'm a single man
I'll be laughin', and dancin', and knockin' 'em back, and throwin' caution to the wind
You can search my heart for answers, and what I'm all about
These are my ways, I'll never change, you should've learned by now

I still get down when I think of you
I ran you off like a brown card carryin' fool
There'll be no justifyin', not even worth the tryin'
I'm wrong, we both know it's true
You know I'd change if I really thought it'd work
I hate bein' responsible for someone else's hurt
Like an old broken record, I repeat the same mistakes
The flames go up and another heart gets burned

And I'll turn it all aro-you-n-d

Tonight I'm out at the dance hall, I'm a single man
I'll be laughin', jokin', drinkin' and smokin', cuttin' up with all of my friends
And there's nothin' in the world more sad than a broken hearted sinner
Out in the world, here in this bar, tryin like hell to be a winner

Looks like I really screwed up again,
Should've learned by now, that I ain't never gonna win

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