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Rodney Atkins – He's Mine lyrics

Old man knocked on my front door
With my teenage boy and a couple more
From up the road
He had him by the collar
Said he caught him shootin' beer bottles
Down in the holler, and smokin'
I said is that right
He said, they won't speak when spoken to
So which one here belongs to you
And I know one does
'Cause they all started runnin'
To your back forty
When they saw me comin' on my gator
I looked in them in the eyes

And I said, he's mine that one
Got a wild-hair side and then some
It's no surprise what he's done
He's every last bit of my old man's son
And If you knew me then
There'd be no question in your mind
You know he's mine
Yeah he's

Friday night football games
Livin' for the speakers
To call the name
On the back of number thirty-seven
Just one-forty-five
And five foot eleven

Limelight barely shined on him
But everyone still remembers when
He whooped up on that boy way bigger
For taking that cheap shot on our little kicker
And they threw him out
Oh man, you should a, you should a heard me shout

I yelled he's mine that one
Got a wild-hair side and then some
It's no surprise what he's done
He's every last last bit of my old man's son
And I'll take the blame
And claim him every time
Yeah man, he's mine and he'll always be
The best thing that ever happened to me
You can't turn it off like electricity
I love him unconditionally
And I'll take the blame
And claim him every time
Yeah, y'all, he's mine
I thank God, he's mine

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    I am 9 years old. Me and my dad heard this song for the first time and he asked me if I liked it I said yeah and so did he. We love that song. My dad said I might be the same way. But I don't want to be shotin' beer bottles and smoking. And I don't want a cop comin' after me on his gator. But I will always be my dads son love your song.
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    This song is mine to my son. He has been through more in his 20 years then any kid should. His dad walking out on him. The tragic death of his brother to the suicide death of his best friend. He had turned to drugs to overcome this and has kown nothing but trouble and jail since. He is curently in rehab and counceling I am proud of him for telling me he has a drug problem and asking for help finally after 2 years. We have had our ups and downs but"hes mine and I love him unconditionally!
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    There is only one meaning to this song being I lived it. Most boys will give you a little trouble growing up. If you as a parent give up then expect a lot more trouble but if you try to keep him on the right path then you'll be able to look back and laugh at the trivial things. Just remember anyone can be a father but dads are for always.
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    My husband and I are raising our three boys - the oldest is 14 now. He is starting to give us a "run for the money". Sometimes we have to say "why would you do something like that"? And, then we laugh, because we both remember how very bad my husband used to be. Before we were married, before his 22 years in the navy, etc. This song brought tears to my eyes and verbalized all the things we feel about the best things that ever happened to us!
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