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Rockie Fresh – I'm Wit It lyrics

All my niggas tryin to get it, you wit it, I’m wit it
The bitch don’t let me hit it, she wit it, I’m wit it,
Got the city on my fet it, you wit it, I’m wit it,
And we really be about it, you talk it, we live it.
You wit it, I’m wit it, these niggas know that I’m wit it,
You wit it, I’m wit it, these bitches know that I’m wit it,
She on it, I’m on it, don’t do the shit how I get it,
And if is bout that money, and yeah you know that I’m wit it.

That nigga rocky be win it, it’s no doubt that he with it
The whole lot of money love I told my niggas let’s get it,
That’s why I have you work hard, and understate commit it,
Talk these niggas out with cash, and when I stand the shit I’m in it,
In this quality over coast signs, I’ve been givin both lines,
Like I’m doing them drug deals, know just how them drug feel,
All my haters can dig a ditch, I’m out of trouble I’m in your bitch
Haven’t phones while I’m getting rich, I kill the game, fuck the snitch,
I’m shout town in your city, real niggas roll with me,
Bad bitches roll with me, now pockets on is empty
Movin’ with the money, I go whatever that’s in me,
Champagne sippin bad livin’ the haters never affair me, yeah


Okay I had to talk to my new hoes, said I don’t care who do blow
I’m tryin to get me a heat blow, but butterflies on my tooth though
Got one roll in the... Moe, it’s one roll and two moe,
Got a college girl on her school flow,
Ain’t hurt to wish with two shows, I’m never moving too slow,
All about that fast pay, got the niggas be on dirt,
Be stand fresh till our last day, 88 how we ride out,
All my money in time count, I heard these hoes looking,
I should invest in the hide out,
The long term is what I’m about,
Know nice, no rest, all I do is go hard like I L... From our test
Smoke good, no stress, more checks, oh yes,
Gotta feed the homies on, real niggas know this.


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