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Robert Johnson – Me And The Devil Blues lyrics

Early this morning
When you knocked upon my door
Early this morning, oooo
When you knocked upon my door
And I said hello Satan
I believe it's time to go

Me and the Devil
Was walkin' side by side
Me and the Devil, woooo
Was walking side by side

And I'm going to beat my woman
'Til I get satisfied

She said you don't see why
That she would dog me 'round
(Spoken:) Now baby you know you ain't doin' me right don'tcha
She say you don't see why, whoooo
That she would dog me 'round
It must-a be that old evil spirit
So deep down in the ground
You may bury my body
Down by the highway side
(Spoken:) Baby, I don't care where you bury my body when I'm dead and gone
You may bury my body, woooo
Down by the highway side
So my old evil spirit
Can get a Greyhound bus and ride

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    I think this song is very much a metaphor for substance abuse, namely alcohol. When the narrator says "it's time to go," that could refer to drinking all the time, and it being what he does first in the morning. Walking side by side is quite possibly a nod to carrying a flask, and as for the mention of "until I get satisfied", that could either being satisfied merely through the act of physical abuse, or a hint that he is unsatisfied sexually. Mentioning an old evil spirit deep down in the ground cements him equating alcohol to the devil, and the ending with the mention of his soul boarding a Greyhound likely means he fully believes he'll go to hell for his actions. This hints at the possibility of him being repentant for his actions, but feeling unable to stop.
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    Maybe I'm so simple or it's due to I'm not native english, but the first time I read this lyrics I understood this:

    The devil is his woman, who comes to take her life because she's been constantly abused by him. He says that she can kill and bury him, but his soul (the memory of what he has done to her) will be there forever.
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    Many don't take the story of robert jonson selling hs soul to be literally true. I believe that it is entirely possible, though of course I can't - and have no interest in trying to - prove it; bu even if you don't believe in the devil, he (johnson) wrote so many songs about it and in making a deal with the devil that it only makes sense to acknowledge that at least johnson believed it.
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    Robert johnson wis referring to.
    Leaving his place as an afro american/ "evil spirit" and being reborn as a human. His wife did not like that he would walk side by side with the devil/white man and asks him why, he don't know why, so he beats her.
    In the late 1930's when this song was recorded african americans had to give up their seats on trains to whites. Thanks to jim crow greyhound/buses gave african americans a position in the back of the bus it assured them a ride to their destination without giving up their seats to whites. Bury me by the highway so I can finally get a seat to my destination on a greyhound bus. Robert johnson liked greyhound and so did muddy waters!
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