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Rise Against – Make It Stop (September's Children) lyrics

Woah, woah.

Bang bang go the coffin nails, like a breath exhaled,
Then gone forever.
It seems just like yesterday,
How did I miss the red flags raise?

Think back, the days we laughed,
We braved these bitter storms together.
And brought to his knees he cried,
But on his feet he died.

What God would damn a heart?
And what God drove us apart?
What God could...

Make it stop, let this end,
Eighteen years pushed to the ledge.
It's come to this, a weightless step,
On the way down singing.
Woah, woah.

Bang bang from the closet walls,
The schoolhouse halls,
The shotgun's loaded.
Push me and I'll push back.
I'm done asking, I demand.

From a nation under God,
I feel it's love like a cattle prod.
I'm born free, but still they hate.
I'm born me, no I can't change.

It's always darkest just before the dawn.
So stay awake with me, let's prove them wrong.

Make it stop, let this end,
Eighteen years pushed to the ledge.
It's come to this, a weightless step,
On the way down singing.
Woah, woah.

The cold river washed him away,
But how could we forget?
The gatherings hold candles,
But not their tongues.

And too much blood has flown from the wrists,
Of the children shamed for those they chose to kiss.
Who will rise to stop the blood
We're calling for,
Insisting on,
A different beat, yeah.
A brand new song

(Names called)
Tyler Clementi, age 18
Billy Lucas, age 15
Harrison Chase Brown, age 15
Cody J. Barker, age 17
Seth Walsh, age 13

Make it stop, make this end,
This life chose me, I'm not lost in sin.
And proud I stand, of who I am,
I plan to go on living;

Make it stop, let this end,
All these years pushed to the ledge.
But proud I stand, of who I am,
I plan to go on living.

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  • u
    To the guy who commented on September 14th.

    The 'What God would damn a heart? What God drove us apart? " parts are there to say that God is supposed to be loving and accepting and yet people use him as a way to condemn people. Being gay may actually be genetic and you would know if you had gotten your head out of your homophobic a*s and looked it up. You cannot change your sexuality and not everyone is born liking the opposite sex, its not something you choose and I would have thought that was pretty obvious considering not many people think to themselves "Hey, you know what I want? I want to be an outcast in society and put through so much pain that I want to kill myself. Yep, let's be gay. It sounds like fun." You are ignorant on the subject and should not have commented your thoughts when you obviously know so little. Basically a fourteen year old kid is telling you to go f**k yourself.
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  • u
    This song is about the septembers children suicides, and it mainly covers tyler clementi's suicide. It's against homophobia, and rise against worked with the it gets better project to help lgbt youth.
    I'm currently bi and I get picked on a lot, but not for being bi. It does get hard, and sometimes it feels like suicide is an easy way to stop the suffering, but after middle school and high school it gets better. :)
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  • u
    I would like to rewrite my last paragraph (s2pid auto correct).
    I go to a school wich premotes others to help eachother out and to be kind to one another. If you see someone sitting by themselves at lunch or looks down in the dumps, we are premotes to go over and talk to them get to know them better instead of just labeling them as "uncool" or "a nerd". I don't know about you but if I had a son, doughter, sister, brother, neighbor, friend or even an aquantence I would be horrified to find out they were being bullied or they committed suicide and I had the chance to stop it. Bullying is wrong, labeling is wrong. If I may qoute whoever said this " your just pretty on the outside" " dont judge a book by it's cover " and all that. I may not have all the best and "up to date" styles and cloathing but I still have a good personality. I am not saying that people who are pretty are mean and that disney fairytales are true, I'm just saying you should try and be the better person in a situation if it demands it.
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  • u
    Just because life is hard on you now, does not mean that you have to give up. Life is a game we all must play, no matter what difficulty it's set to, but there is just one exception from a game; life doesn't have do-overs. Make everything count and never stop, keep going until you win. I have been bullied every single day since kindergarten, and I even contemplated taking 'a weightless step' but I chose not to because I saw the people who do care for me and who do love me. I'd be making my pain stop, but starting new ones for everyone else, suicide is never the solution, although it seems like it is. The only real solution is to be the bigger person and ask them "why do you attack me? What gives you the right to say who is right and who is wrong? Are you the decider? "
    look, as I said, life is not worth givign up, not when you have others who love you. Tell those people anything that bothers you, part of people committing suicide is because they never vent, let it all out once in a while and pick yourself up. Bullies target those who have it better than them, always remember that.
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  • u
    I just have a message for whoever wrote the message on sept 14th. Seriously? You think homosexuality is just something you can pick up and drop the next day like a club or a sport? And who are you to say who they can and cannot like?
    I'm not g** and I couldn't give a ratass who other people sleep with. Why are people so interested to know what gender you're sleeping with? Is that just some random question you ask "who'd you sleep with last night? Was she good? " nobody asks, that's who. So why is everyone making such a big deal about it?
    I constantly pray for the families of the children that have committed suicide because of other people's opinions. And I pray that other people out there are not ashamed of who they are. If there is a wonderful person who treats you right why would it matter if their a boy or girl?
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