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Rick Ross – Shot To The Heart (Remix) lyrics

(feat. Lil Wayne)

[Chrous: Lil Wayne]
I've Been Lonely, I've been waiting for you, I'm pretending, and that's all I can do (that's all I can do mama) the love I'm sendin aint making it through to your heart... (I hope you hear me...)

[Lil Wayne:]
Since I lost you I'm lost too, nigga feelin like he at the bottom like a horseshoe, sorry for the trouble I put you and your heart through, god knows that I do anything for her part 2. Ought to be praying for the day you come back to me, saying that you forgive me, give me another chance, I'm needing it like a kidney, I don't wanna advance, give me back her hands, give me back her touch I don't ask for much, but I fucked up, I know fucked up, I admit I fucked, but everybody fucks up, now this other nigga lucked up, tellin me & crew don't give a fuck.. Cause ah, we from New Orleans, she was from Georgia, she was my down chic, I was her soldier, I was her gangsta, She was my shoulda, You were the pistol to my holster bang!

[Chrous: Lil Wayne]
You've been hiding, never letting it show, always trying to keep it under control,(I see you hidin it mama) you've held it down and you're well on your way to the top (you doin your thing)... But there's something you forgot!

[Rick Ross:]
I shed tears cause I'm told that the heal, to tell the truth I don't know how to feel, ever felt alone in room full of friends, got big plans but leave em in suspense, pray for me, patience wait for me, pay dues, trust me they aint comin, way back it was hoops now its maybach coupes, and we all took a vow no squares in the loop, now we look at each other sittin in the courtroom, I'm laughin cause its lookin like a cartoon, never snitch, got it tattooed by cartoon, somebody switch, by my rules we all lose.

You've been hiding, never letting it show, always trying to keep it under control, you've held it down and well on your way to the top... But there's something you forgot!

[Lil Wayne:]
You forgot about the house, you forgot about the ring, I remember everything, I just wanna hear you sing, I remember the love right after the fight, you can't tell me you don't remember those nights, and If I would cry, you would cry twice to me you are the brightest star under the sunlight, see take away my title, take away stripes, you give me back my girl and you give me back life... Give me back my girl and you give me back life, see this is just a nightmare so I blink twice, open up my eyes hopin she be in my sights, I remember I wish I could bring it back, what she mean to me is what I mean to rap (fading-what I mean to rap)

[Chrous: Lil Wayne]
You've been hiding, (You know) never letting it show, always trying (I see you hidin it mama) to keep it under control,(But I know you know) you've held it down (I know you do) and you're well on your (But, I wish all nothing but happiness shorty,) way to the top [Rick Ross:] But there's something you forgot!

[Rick Ross (Lil Wayne):]
Fourtune and fame are pleasures you couldn't fathom but fortunately for me, my fortune built me a palace benjamins by pallett, spendin em mighty daily, I know I'm under suverveilence, I look at it as a talent, millions I've gotta manage, lil talents up in the rappin, I'm such a threat to these niggas, you never know what could happen, I started without a coin not knowin which way I'm goin Now I'm chowderin bones and readin em a few poems
Weathered all of the storms, now its time to see the light and
I never felt this way bout anythin in my life
Determined to be the best, not lookin back at regrets
How many people you blessed is how you measure success!(Damn!)

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