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Rick Ross – John Doe lyrics

[Rick Ross]
Ugh, there he go, that's John Doe
There he go, that's John Doe
There he go, that's John Doe
Balling on you b-tches like I'm Rondo

242s, John Doe
All gold, John Doe
Them boys dealing blow, they John Doe
Night work for the load, that's John Doe
I'm still balling like I'm dough dealin
Ugh I'm still balling like I'm dough dealin
Ugh I parked the Caddy in the living room
Just parked the Caddy in the living room

[Rick Ross- Verse 1]
I brought a Benz and it's paid for
I brought a b-tch that b-tch paid for
I brought a stick and it's made for
Welfare, yeah stick it in ya a-hole
Aye ho you know I got that A-1
Yayo and I'm quick to slang one
Jumping n-ggas like a chess piece
Spend a couple hundred dollars on my chest piece
Outta town n-ggas we call 'em fresh meat
He say he nettin me boy you must refresh me
Better miss me with the convo
Wanna know my name b-tch, John Doe


[Rick Ross- Verse 2]
I got a b-tch who has a habit
Spending stacks on nice fabrics
That head great, that p-ssy lavish
I'm peeling collie greens that 30 carrots
Reporting live from my Rolls Royce
I'm ready to die and put that on my old boy
Count 1. 5 I holla "Oh Lord"
When I'm on the jet know them choppers on board
Rims taller than a bulldozer
Everybody tucking pistols when we pulled over
Fresh up out the fest, salute my n-gga Fanzo
Yea they asked my name but he told 'em John Doe

[Chorus - x2]

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