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Revolting Cocks – Beers Steers Queers lyrics

Minds are empty, heads are hollow
You might find out, the truth is hard to swallow
There's a place down there, where heads are square
Laws are tough, you are bare
There is a law and there is a lawman
Who is the right and who is the wrong man

It doesn't take much to kill that guy
Don't get in my face and ask me why
Texas is the place, hang 'em high

Beers, steers and queers
Beers, steers and queers

Texas is full of women and willies
Eyes too close, filthy hillbillies
Who are these people, raised in barns
Ghouls and fools, sex on farms
Texas hoedown, this is the lowdown
You're full of shit, destined to go down

Let's go down, herd 'em up
If you agree, then let's word 'em up
And if you don't then shut the fuck up

Beers, steers and queers
Beers, steers and queers

I've spent my life, go kicking shit
Not gonna give up, ain't about to quit
Life is a bucket of gettin' rough, feeding stock
Get in my way? I'll knock you off

Beers, steers and queers
Beers, steers and queers
Beers, steers and queers
Beers, steers and queers

I'm a crazy mother in a drunken state
A redneck asswipe, who thinks he's great
So full of shit, diarrhea for fingers
Everywhere I go, personality lingers

Say you don't like my dialect
I don't give a damn, so fuck your respect
If you're looking for a reason, don't look any further
'Cause I'll give it to you baby, just like your father

Take what you get if it does the job
Texas has religion, Revolting Cocks

Beers, steers, and queers
Beers, steers, and queers

"This is outta the house
And outta the house music
I am the creator"

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