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Remembering Never – A Clearer Sky lyrics

Weights bear down pulling me under
I look around
Shadows are staring at me laughing at me
Letting me know where I stand
Air is taken away from my lungs
From emotions that form quite slow
And the pit of darkness consumens my every way
I'm scared but trembling keeps me sane
Where along the path did I take so many wrong turns
How did I end up face down crying letting pillows catch my tears?
How did I even build up a tolerance to deal with this?
Depression is something I don't miss
Can I keep me from falling into deeper parts of this hell on earth
Exposing my true colors to the world withering from these wrists
Now the air has gone cold and lifeless
Someone had put their hand on my head
The sensation I'm feeling is real
Can't explain the new way that I feel
So refreshed I could conqure the world
Pack my bags cause I'm through with with this girl
Show me heaven I'm through with this hell
And to think I would die for no reason at all
Stressing because of you
Now I'm leaving good-bye
The grey sky has gone blue
This time i'll remain true... To myself
For the longest time I was lost willing to kill the pain at any cost
Pushing me relentlessly to the edge of it all
Now my feet are touching the ground
The doors have opened wider and I can see you at a distance
You're weeping (x2)
I can't see you
I guess I could care
Ask you what's wrong
But I wont
Ill let you wither in your place from the look on your face... You see a clearer
Cause we're through with all of this
I've had enough, enough of you
I've had enough of this
Tearing down these walls that block my progression
This poison we brew called love
Broken hearts - broken neck

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