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Reisa L. Gerber – I Didn't Know If They Were Voices...All lyrics

I Didn't Know if they were Voices

I didn't know if they were voices
I didn't know if they were real
I had a funky feeling I had E. S. P.
I was "so and so" into digging on a sweet boy's
Like a lily of the valley
Or a psychiatric chart.
I said, "It's true! He's a public guy, trying
Someone new"
Like a dream or a funky feeling
That must be unreality.
But I take issue, he was gone with the dawn
Yes, he split... Looked like he flew the coop!
"cheap, cheap", inside this song.
So I called up my sister,
I said, "Hey, Jude! I have fears!"
She said, "Do you think I know the Beatles?
So much for rock and movie theatres! "
And I said, "In days of future past,
I betcha you really do! "
She said, "How am I gonna swing this thing?
I haven't got a clue"-
I said, "I leave in all regards if you really do-"
And "I can't say "I love you" like" radar love"
Said, too-"
And so and so on as it goes,
I think my intuition is much more than

Thanks for your nod on a controversial idea.
You have been so kind... You get a lot of credit
In my head.

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