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Rehab – She lyrics

1pm looking out the glass
Grey sky forecast
Cold with the wind chill
Thinking bout the past
Always thinking bout the past
When will I get over it
Why are the good days so easy to forget?
And the bad easy to remember
Must be the thinker
What's the real problem here
The drink or the drinker
Turn the lights off
Can't go to sleep
Turn the lights on
Make another beat
Get on the internet and read just to kill time
And start writing this exact rhyme
I'm all alone but I made it that way
She's the only one left to make the demons go away
Make the pain go away
That sickenin' feeling in my stomach
So many fears
That war zone between my ears
So many years
Freaked out
Like a broke somthin' in my brain and hell leaked out
I run from the sun
Fantasize about a warm gun
Don't remember what I wanted to be doin
Or the last time that I had fun
When was the last time I had fun
But when she smiles
When she smiles
It all goes away
It all goes away
It's a good thing that misery loves company
Otherwise I'd be all by myself
With this split personality
I put a record out
And did a few tours
Ran aground
And ran threw a few hours
Ended up in the hospital
The doctor says I have an illness
The preacher calls it sin
Like god is even something you can comprehend
God is without and god is within
Like a fish tryin to see water it ain't happenin
So stay out of my path
And stop over reactin
The world ain't comin to an end
But you are
Might as well have fun before it all goes foobar
Fucked up beyond all recognition
Find somebody to love and stop bitchin'
Because that's the only thing that seems to works for me
I aint got nothin for you but hard dick and insanity
When she smiles
But when she smiles
It all goes away
It all goes away

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