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Rehab – My Addiction lyrics

My addiction makes me piss on floors
And go home with these scabby whores
I took too much L. S. D.
Now I'm at I. C. You. At Emory

Cocaine and cores comes out my pores
Puking in the kitchen down on all fours
My head's an earthquake, I sweat and shake
Ashes on the coke can ready to melt the cake
Spitting blood, picking sores, fuck cutting the line
Stick a straw in the bag and do it all at one time
Fucking chickenheads wearing house shoes and rollers
Tried to pawn the remote control as a Motorola
Got a beep bye boo boo, poo lift and tuck
Pookie and Snoop Snoop and some other thug
Black out in the crackhouse and wet my pants
I almost died and dove out the ambulance
Stole my last Jack Daniels, kicked the cocker spaniel
But first I did a bump off my high school annual
Getting geeked, hit the toilet for a quick jack off
By the time I get a nut I've ripped my dick skin off
Punch a hole in the wall, got crabs on my balls
And I'm looking for a pebble in the carpet in the hall
Running from drug raids, my brain's an arcade
My family's afraid I got A. I. D. S.

My addiction makes me piss on floors
And go home with these scabby whores
I took too much L. S. D.
Now I'm at I. C. You. At Emory

My addiction, my addiction
My addiction, my addiction, huh

Dope, like a pound or a key
Doin' it all in the back of somebody's 300 E
Don't even look at me when I'm lost, no matter what the cost
I'll be snortin' frost, my life, coin toss
Ruffinals, percodan, blowin' four grand's
Dimerol, white blotter, sixteen grams
In my body right now, I'm so foul
I just lost all control of my bowels
Facin', the corner of a basement, my mouth tastin'
Aluminum, freebasin', what's wrong with Jason
Look, I really don't know, but he's gonna have to go
Everytime I see that fool he's on blow
I regurgitate, tell my girl to go masturbate
I know it's late, huffin' on paint and Quaker State
Drinkin' Robetussin when I got no fundin'
Inhalin' Scotch Guard in the frontyard
The neighbors know I'm crazy, my momma knows I'm lazy
And I just slapped the fuck outta some lady
Goin' in and out of treatment, cause my life's so sickening
But it don't matter cause nothing stops my addiction

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