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Reh Dogg – Too Many Problems In My Life lyrics

So much problems inside of my life, I don't understand why
From time meh born, you know what I mean
Want you understand what me ah chat seh, mercy me
All people who struggle, I want you listen this lyrics consciously seen
There's so many problems going on in meh life, when will I settle down get
A girl to be my wife
My mother wants me to commit to Jesus Christ, but the demons inside always
Put up a fight
Life is unfair and the world is not nice, every man in this world will have
To pay a price
I'm living hell on earth all day and in the night, drink Budweiser until
I'm high as a kite
Soundclick emcees join and unite, continue my lyrics yes I chat through the
Bob Marley told us it would be all right, but I highly disagree my life is
Put up a fight
Here is a quote from Tom Ripley, If I had a big eraser I would rub out the
The first person I would start with is myself, cause I have too many secrets
Backed up on myself
No matter how hard I try my life is a lie, happy on the outside but sad
Pain so deep I'm drowning that is no lie, most times I'd rather live in a
Virtual world
I had a virtual girl but I had to leave her, she fell too deep in love so I
Had to leave her
Cause this love inside I have none, that's why I have to come and tell
There's so many problems in my life going on, I have to settle down and het
A nice wife
And my mother told me I have to pray to Jesus Christ, but the demons inside
Always put up a fight a
Life is unfair and the world is not nice, every man in the world will have
To pay a price
I'm living on earth and hell that's a lie, try to sort things that takes
Soundclick emcees time to unite, now these conscious lyrics I'm spiting
Here through the mic
Bob Marley told us it's gonna be all right but I highly disagree my life is
One big fight
Umm yeah I don't know what's going on, but I know it's time to reborn
I want you to listen to me cause you know Reh Dogg come to reborn
Yeah (5 times)
I was born on the Island St. Thomas, the tourist them come and they want to
Run me out
Them sort of things make me get dangerous, so meh get dangerous and then
Meh get anxious
Hit them one cuff and they fall to the ground, the tourist them
Really, really, really, bother me
But that's all right with me I don't care, cause I went away and moved away
Cause I played dare
Anyway I want you to understand me, so many problems in a meh life
I need to pray to Jesus Christ my mother said, she may be right that's a
Good answer
I thought I found true love but I guess I was wrong, that's why I decide to
Write this song
So I can remain calm thought our feelings were strong, we use to sit back
In my bed and watch funny movies
I remember your favorite Something Mary; we used to watch it laugh so hard
Until we pee
Play PS2 until we both fell asleep, you were my boo God knows how much I
Loved you
I guess I was a fool would you believe me, I don't know but it's time that
You go
Cause you know I am the star of the show, Christmas was Merry but New Years
Better yeah

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