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Reel Big Fish – Don't Start A Band lyrics

Don't start a band
Nobody wants to hear
Nobody understands
Don't start a band
You'll be so disappointed that it was nothing like you planned
Don't start a band
Oh yea yea yea

I hate to ruin the magic
I hate to kill the dream
But once you've been behind the scenes
Then you'll know just what I mean
You might think that's it's cool to get up on stage
And play rock and roll with your heart and soul
But no one shows up and your songs all suck
And there's no applause and no flying bras
No girls will scream for you and no ones gonna sing along with you

Don't start a band
No body wants to hear nobody understands
Don't start a band
You will be so damn terrible they will think your shitty and bland
Don't start a band
Oh yea yea yea
Cause you wont get paid
And you won't get laid

Yeah, Yeah

And even if you make it
All the way to MTV
I don't think you could take it
All the bullshit and the greed
Everyone is so fake when they shake your hand
And they kiss your ass 'cause then they get cash
And the business end will turn every friend to an enemy
Oh you will see

They'll turn their their backs and they'll be gone
Faster than can say 'what did I do wrong'

Don't start a band
Nobody really cares nobody understands
Don't Start a Band
You will sign your lives away and then you'll be working for the man
Don't start a band oh yea yea yea

Your message will get lost
You will be double crossed

And if you that the joy of playing
Will keep you going through the years
Wait till you poor and frustrated
And the fun just disappears
Nobody cares what you have to say
And no ones gonna listen anyway

Rock and roll will bring you down
And it will kick you while your on the ground

Don't start a band
Don't even try you will regret it yea
Don't start a band
You'll be so disappointed that it was nothing like you planned
Don't start a band
Oh yea yea yea

So just give up now
I'll show you how

Don't start a Band [x4]

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