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Redman – Beet Drop lyrics

Contains* an interpolation of Beastie Boys' "It's the New Style" Let *

me clear my throat Kick!
it over here Baby Pop And!
all the fly skimmers Feel..
the Beet Mmmm.. drrrrrrrrop Coolin!

up in Jersey on a hot summer's day It's
me and Erick Sermon and Keith, Mur-ray A
lot of beer a, lot of girls and, a lot of cursin Forty-five
automatic on my person Yo
got, my hand in my pocket and my finger on the trigger My
Squad is gettin big and, my Squad is gettin bigger Some
ni z***got style some, ni z***got taste Def
Squad got the shit'll bash you in your face Tote
my gun with my n anustote, my n anuswith my gun Hit
a b h***doggie style so, wild til, she come Well
I'm the king of the ave and., I'm the king of the block Don't
like what I'm pumpin You? can suck my c Well***!

I'm Funk Doc I got all the fly juice Stankin
with my ni z***on the block one-deuce Walkin
down the block with the fresh fly threads Reggie
Noble got the biggest head Oahhhahh

hoahhahh, hoahhhah, hoee, Brick!!!
City n anus

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