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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Police Station lyrics

I saw you at the police station and it breaks my heart to say.
Your eyes had wandered off to something distant, cold and grey.
I guess you didn't see it coming,
Someone's gotten used to slumming.
Dreaming of the golden years,
I see you had to change careers.
Far away, but we both know it's somewhere.

I saw you on the back page of some free press yesterday.
The driftwood in your eyes had nothing short of love for pay.
I know you from another picture,
Someone with the most conviction.
We used to read the funny papers,
Fool around and pull some capers.
Not today,
I send a message to her.
A message that I'm coming, coming to pursue her.

Down home country
I rest my face on your bed.
I've got you ten times over
I'll chase you down
'Till you're dead.

I saw you on a tv station and it made me want to pray.
An empty shell of loveliness is now dusted with decay.
What happened to the funny paper?
Smiling was your money maker.
Someone ought to situate her,
Find a way to educate her.
All the way, time to come and find you.
You can't hide from me girl, so never mind what I do.

Down home country
I rest my face on your bed.
I'll chase you down
'Till you're dead.
I met my soul mate country
And I left it all for your head.

I saw you in the churchyard,
There was no time to exchange.
You were getting married and it felt so very strange.
I guess I didn't see it coming,
Now I guess it's me who's bumming.
Dreaming of the golden years,
You and I were mixing tears.
Not today, not for me but someone.
I never could get used to, so now I will refuse to.

Down home country I
Rest my face on your bed.
I met my soul mate country
And I left it all for your head

I got my best foot forward
And I'll chase you down
'Til you're dead

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    Very beautiful song that harkens back to "Breaking The Girl" or "Under The Bridge" two of Anthony's best ballads. It's about wanting redemption for someone before they even want it for themselves because you know the goodness that dwells inside of them and you love them fiercely, but at a distance due to the life they are leading. The end of the song is when the girl finally gets healing and gets her act together, the narrator feels happy for her but also kind of awkward in that he still has this love inside for her, but she no longer "needs" his protection in the old way.
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  • u
    Not so sure its factual, much of what they write is based on a loose concept. P. S the lyrics herein are not correct.
    I would say it’ s a song about wasted chances and lost opportunities in their past and not just about a person or country!
    The whole set is building to their pinnacle, love the guitar riff at the end well done Josh Klinghoffer though no real transition for you.
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