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Red – Feed the Machine lyrics

Turn around, they might be watching
And you'll never disappoint them
Hide your innocence before they see right through
... You mustn't disappoint them

You need the danger just to feel your heart beat
You need to die just to find your identity
You need the knife just to know that you can bleed
You need the pain now just to feel anything

We fall in line, we live the lie
Give up, give up and feed the machine
It grows inside, nowhere to hide
Give up, give up and feed the machine
... Give up, give up and feed the machine

They pull you faster, the cadence calling
And you never fall behind
So choose a face, you're only crawling now
You mustn't fall behind

You need another death just to have a life to save
You need a master just so you can beg
You need a light just because you're so afraid
... Now bow and learn to be a good slave

Repeat chorus

Sleep, shhh, go back to sleep
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up

Repeat chorus

Wake up, wake up and kill the machine
Wake up, wake up and kill the machine
Wake up, wake up and kill the machine

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  • q
    Here's what I get out of this song: We have to wake up! We live our lives believing the lies told to us by the government, the corporations, the media, the elite. We follow our elected officials because their names are on a ballot box and we think they know what their doing (They don't). And we follow and we don't disappoint them. We question nothing. We have lost our individual identities. We fall in line, we live the lie. We feed the machine that is bringing us down. We need to wake up and kill the machine.
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  • Idontknowmyname
    I love this song. Red is my favorite christian band. But the meaning of this song is what Questioneverything said. We can't just live our lives believeing all the lies that people and the Machine, (who is believe all the dirty thoughts in our head, or our Flesh) try to tell us. Instead of believeing the lies we need to kill the Machine. This song really blessed me and I hope it blesses all of you guys out there.
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  • u
    I think it means that youths today-including myself-are afraid to have their own indentities and be their own selves. We don't want to make any mistakes because we fear being rejected by society, so some of us "give up, give up and feed the machine. " but some youths aren't afraid to be their selves, they don't look to others for approval, hence the line "wake up, wake up, and kill the machine. "
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  • u
    Just because they are a christian band doesn't mean every song is about god, the devil etc; just reflect their (christian) values.
    I personally believe this song is about people losing themselves in society's expectations. The ubiquitous 'them' in "you mustn't dissapoint them" makes me think of mob mentallity and the pressures of collective groups of people. "we fall in line, we live the lie" is about conforming, to me. "the machine" is society carrying on. The song is largely dystopian, but the outro "wake up and kill the machine" is about becoming aware of and stopping society's (percieved) negative progress.
    Ethically the song makes me think of the value of compassion which is scarce today (and arguably the value the band is trying to represent in this song).
    Just my opinion of what the words and music mean.
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  • y
    Personally, I think this song is directed at the youth. The machine they.
    Mean is definitely the world, but I don't think it demons that they are trying not to disappoint, it's peers. The different things, danger, cutting, suicide, all of it, are things that many youth today face. When it says give up and feed the machine, it's citing the mentality that we "christian kids" can't resist having s**, or drinking, or doing drugs before we grow up, and we might as well give up and feed our worldly desires. But then it says to wake up, kill the machine and the oppression of peer pressure and the world. But that's one of the many things I love about red, they can be interpreted as christian or not, it's only a matter of perspective.
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