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Recoil – Jezebel lyrics

Well stop, great God, stop there and listen,
Listen to the story 'bout Jezebel.
Her sins were so wicked Jehovah got angry,
Her soul went leapin' and jumpin' into Hell.
Way back yonder in the olden days,
John told Jezebel to borrow her ways,
Said her evil deeds had ruined the land
And repent for the kingdom of God was at hand.
She got mad at John 'cause he told her 'bout the gospel,
Told her servants to boil him in oil.
Well they tell me God looked from the windows of the heavens,
Spoke one word and the oil wouldn't boil.
He raised his hand, creation trembled,
Stamped his feet and time stood still,
Raised his voice, looked down and thundered
"John! Go do my will."
You got to go to judgement, stand trial.
Then they tell me John moved through the power of the gospel,
Told Jezebel her time was nigh.
On the book of life, her days were ended,
Her time run out and she had to die.
Well they tell me God walked his footsteps thunderin',
He moved his head and his eyes flashed fire,
Clapped his hands and death come jumpin',
Jehovah was angry, somebody had to die.
You got to go to judgement, stand trial.
Then Death come knockin' on Jezebel's door and said
"Come on woman ain't you ready to go?
Of your evil deeds God's done got tired,
You got to go to judgement, stand trial. "
Then Death come leapin' she jumped into Hell,
Great God Almighty I heard them tell.
Nine days she lay in Jerusalem's streets,
Her flesh was too filthy for the dogs to eat.
You got to go to judgement, stand trial.
"Jezebel, mind God's talking,
Says he's tired of your evil ways.
You got to go to judgement, stand trial. "

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