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Reba Mcentire – I'll Be lyrics

(diane warren)

When darkness falls upon your heart and soul
I'll be the light that shines for you
When you forget how beautiful you are
I'll be there to remind you
When you can't find your way
I'll find my way to you
When troubles come around
I will come to you

I'll be your shoulder
When you need someone to lean on
Be your shelter
When you need someone to see you through
I'll be there to carry you
I'll be there
I'll be the rock that will be strong for you
The one that will hold on to you
When you feel that rain falling down
When there's no body else around
I'll be

And when you're there with no one there to hold
I'll be the arms that reach for you
And when you feel your faith is running low
I'll be there to believe in you
When all you find are lies
I'll be the truth you need
When you need someone to run to
You can run to me


I'll be the sun
When your heart's filled with rain
I'll be the one
To chase the rain away

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  • y
    Yvonne Elainne Huygens
    My dear Ms. Mcentire, I don't know if you realize just how powerful this song is. My husband and I had this one marked as our #1 song to each other. Now that we are going through a very rough time in our lives "THIS SONG IS THE ONE THAT GETS ME THROUGH THE DARKEST NIGHTS"! May the Lord continue to bless you. Thank you for being "THERE" for me and us. Love you.
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  • u
    I believe this song can describe a brother/sister relationship and the sister just wants to let her brother know that she will always be there for him and just be a big sister to him and look out for him and protect him and he can always count on her be there for him when he needs her. That he can trust her to be a sister to him and even though they live separate lives in different places their bond is still strong and their love will always keep them together even they are so far away, they will always be in each others hearts and they will always be brother and sister and they will always be family and they will love each other and be there for each other always.
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  • u
    My wife, my soul mate has alzheimers, she's 58 now and when I first heard this song, I knew it was "our song" my dedication to my wife of 21 years. I love my wife with all my heart, and because of this disease she needs to know she's loved and not in this alone. Anything she needs, I will do, that's what true love does.
    Thanks reba, for expressing my heart and feelings to my wife.
    If I were to write a song this would be exactly it. I love you patti, then, now and forever. . John.
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  • u
    My mama dedicated this song to me and my sisters. Its very beaitiful to me. I dedicate it to my first daughter when I'm older. My little ember wave will grow up to this. That's accually what I want to name my first girl. As for a boy, I like akshton harold.
    I think this, song is about a mother, telling her girl that she can always count on her.
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  • y
    Yvonne Elainne Huygens
    Reba, I just watched you on Oprah's Master Class. In there you said you like to try different things. With that being said and keep in mind I have a wondering mind as well, have you ever concidered play with a native band? There is a group which is for the most part family. The are Brule' of the Yankton Sioux Tribe and one more is called Walela of the Cherokee Nation. Walela is a 3 woman group with the most beautiful voices. I sat one day and thought to myself; I wonder if Reba has ever thought about doing a Special of Native American meet Country? How would it look? What would you all sing? Now there's something worth going wow what if? Just a thought Reba. I know you have to be extremely busy but I for once in my life just saying to myself what if, I wanted to share my "what if with you". I'm sorry for bothering you because I can only imagine how very busy you are.
    May God Continue To Bless You Each And Everyday :)
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