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Ray J – U Need It - U Don't lyrics

Verse 1
Good plan to be successful in the game
U need it
But liars, snakes and fake friends
U don't
Banking safe, stash your money
U need it
20 cars, 20 cribs, 20 kids
U don't
Get the power while you can
U nees it
Concieted wannabe body guards
U don't
Coz man I dun seen the biggest niggas get beaten
But a artist get mugged, shot up and skunked

Verse 2
You should get a box of glocks
U might need it
But west automatics that jam
U don't
Streets smarts and a cool education
U need it
Ditching school n getting laid and not paid
U don't
Ma- braveheart and down for whatever
U need it
But thinking like a coward being scared
U don't
You always run to your family when things get low
When your friends that was friends, isn't friends no more

Chorus x2
U need it
U need it, U don't don't don't

Verse 3
A new way of living your life
U gon need it
The 19th hundred lifestyle
U don't
An attourney that'll get you out of problems
U need it
Ј strikes and 25 to life
U don't
Buy some things to make you happy
U need it
Buying too much n going bankrupt
U don't
Coz man I dun seen the biggest ballers (mistreated)
So broke they had 2 come ask me ??

Verse 4
Got a good idea write it down
U need it
Wasting time gettin loaded in the club
U don't
Listen up forget the luck man, make it for real and never will jus be about ice
Glistening up

Save a couple of bucks
U gon need it
But friends that set a day n go to the mall man
U don't
I remember all the night I was off the ??
Just think of how fast all my dogs was gone

Chorus x2

Verse 5
Your own business to do business
U need it
But a boss that won't let u be creative
U don't
Place to get away and jus relax
U need it
Locked up for the petty crime you did
U don't
Something to get you going to feel good
U need it
Don't be stupid though ,every drug
U don't
Coz you don't wana be the next rich kid od-ing
I don't that's why i won't
Yo I stay working
Yo I get paid working
I can go to parties and still get laid working
Like car-cop and like R.Jerkins
With all the cars he needs
I no I don't

Verse 6
He be in the lab making hits
U need it
But wastin the talents that you got
U don't
It's funny how life jus changes on you
When your so-called friends become strangers to you

Chorus fade

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