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Rascal Flatts – Why lyrics

It must a been a place so dark, couldn't feel the light
Reachin' for you through that stormy cloud
Now here we are gathered in our little home town
This can't be the way you meant to draw a crowd

Oh why that's what I keep askin'
Was there anything I could have said or done
Oh I had no clue you were masking a troubled soul, god only knows
What went wrong and why you'd leave the stage in the middle of a song

Now in my mind I keep you frozen as a seventeen year old
Rounding third to score the winning run
You always played with passion no matter what the game
When you took the stage you shined just like the sun

Oh why that's what I keep askin'
Was there anything I could have said or done
Oh I had no clue you were masking the troubled soul, oh god only knows
What went wrong and why you'd leave the stage in the middle of a song
Yeah yeah yeah

Now the oak trees are swayin' in the early autumn breeze
The golden sun is shining on my face
The tangled thoughts I hear a mockingbird sing
This old world really ain't that bad a place

Oh why there's no comprehending
And who am I to try to judge or explain
Oh but I do have one burning question
Who told you life wasn't worth the fight
They were wrong
They lied
And now you're gone
And we cried

Cause It's not like you to walk away in the middle of a song

Your beautiful song
Your absolutely beautiful song

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Submitted bymattgalb99
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  • k
    My friend hung himself when he was 16 in 2007. He left no note and gave no warning. Didn't show signs. He was loved and just a great kid. I heard this song probably a year and a half or two(not sure when it came out) after his death. Hearing this song made me decide to go into Clinical Psychology to help diagnose mental illness. Depression can be treated and people that are suicidal can be helped. When someone says they're going to end their life, immediately call someone that can help them. Don't take it lightly because you never know.
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  • u
    This is a sad song but yet it's so beautiful. When I first listened 2 this song, I wanted 2 cry but I holder my tears & emotions inside bc crying 4 someone whose in a better place just feels selfish 2 me. But I still miss them I just don't want them regretting bc they learned. It's abt remembering that person who was a star that shined as bright as the sun but yet also didn't have an easy life. "why? " is the question everyone wonders. Why did they do that? But it's in between the lines, they were @ their breaking point & no can change the past but can live their live & fight 4 that lost loved one.
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  • u
    It's so sad how many people have depression and do not get treated for it. It is 100% treatable and in our society, statistics say it will be 1 in 4 people soon. Suicide is not the answer but the mind is complicated and someone that is that depressed needs help and to not be ashamed to get help. We as a society must do something! Ask anyone who is going through a hard time if they feel like ending it of killing themselves. Get them help immediately; call 911 or a crisis line. Maybe we can save a life. I'm so sorry for all the pain especially first post of husband, brother. My heart goes out to you. 3 out of 4 of my children have depression.
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  • u
    I first heard this song a couple of days ago and it hit home like a ton of bricks. My Beloved Brother Billy commited suicide when he was 17 (The part when I keep you frozen as a 17 year old, wow!) I was only 10 at the time and now I am 42 now so needless 2 say this song tells it like it is and it is most definitely a beautiful song! Thank you Rascal Flatts! :)
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