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Rain – Living Fast lyrics

Oh, welcome, welcome
Welcome to that lifestyle where most don’t make it out
What’s up? Hold up!
Real niggas rise, fake niggas die!

Life of a crime boss, living where I talk
China white, got me shining bright, it’s July 4th
We raise the real hustlers who had their run back and now I fall
Lil’ dirty niggas who came up and surprise all
From pelle leathers to my jelly jackets
Fly women who put on stellar performance is with no practice
Master the art of…, two women on the mattress
Champion... I know what can…
No Serenas in my arena causing racket
Lead that wretched shit at home, the same that we practice
No, I’m Quincy Jones with a grizzly tone
Standing on the club, couch dripped to stones!
…at your waist, spilling on the…
And I never take these memories and bring them home!
I forget ‘em quick as they coming to me
To sleep with a roof wind,
I’m the blue prints to these other studies!
Your girl gave me that juicy fruit, but don’t confront me
You gum nigga, I’m winter fresh but the summer loves me!
Dangle niggas off the balcony like big rare
My business I was 9 to 5, don’t be mislead
I put a contract on your head, it can’t be misread
Like Mr. West I keep that …and ain’t no wish that could save you
Angels, come present your halo, ain’t no exit!
I said you just gonna rot until I say so
Pay no attention and fuck niggas!
We’re young and fleshy, get at me!
The perks from the slice that attract me
Look! Time it’s ticking and I know
You just bless me with some money so I could blow it
Throw it and watch it fall down
Ridiculous is how it all sounds!
But so fitted into a nigga from a small town
... Until the casket gets closed
Talks low, but we’re mashing, no
Living fast for show!

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