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Rage Against The Machine – Snakecharmer lyrics

Satellites and, pair of mirrors and, and a man without a home
With a horse, and a rider, and a clever, cunning killer
Silent in error and vocal in spotlights
Lying always sucking on a bottle of, that sweet, indulgent fluid
Oh greed oh yes oh greed oh yes!
Oh greed oh yes
Your friendship is a fog
That disappears when the wind redirects
Yes you!

Fathers expectations, soul soaked in, spit and urine
And you gotta make it where?
To a sanctuary that's a fragile american hell
An empty dream
A selfish, horrific vision
Passed on like the deadliest of viruses
Crushing you and your naive profession
Have no illusions boy
Vomit all ideals and serve
Sleep and wake and serve
And don't just think just wake and serve
Yeah! (left channel - 26 years in this stage
Yeah! You're 26 years in this stage)
Your friendship is a fog
That disappears when the wind redirects
You! Interested in you, interested in you
Interested in you, interested in you...

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    Although I agree with the above it is much more than that. It is about what American society does to alienate and eliminate people from society. Cho Seung Hui for instance is exactly that. I should know I've been on the same path for decades now and have no friends. Some people retaliate while some don't. It depends how far the American system pushes people. For a person to kill another you give them no space and no way out. The inner chi disrupted.
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    This song discusses the negativities of capitalism, about the downside of the American Dream. In this case, you are a slave to the corporate world. All you do is wake up everyday, go to your job, and become a servant for the large corporations that rule the world, especially in America. In America, we have a false sense of freedom, but we are not free. These companies and government agencies have the ability to watch over us all the time (Satellites and mirrors), and what Zach is trying to say is that all we do is wake up every morning, work and serve, but don't think about all the greed and corruption that is taking place at the macroscopic level with these large corporations. And once these corporations use you and then decide to leave (like outsourcing jobs to other countries or laying off tons of workers I. E. Citibank and the mortgage crisis), then you realize that in the end, your friendship was a fog, that disappears when the wind redirects, and you and your "naive" profession just got crushed.
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