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Rage Against The Machine – My Time lyrics

1 2 this on?
Hah! Yo Jimmy hit me with that Triple H!
Yeah you let the music keep playing Mr Dumb sssssssssssh*T!
Yo tell 'em whos time it is now
Yeah just kickin it up here
Its our time yo! Here comes trouble!!!!....
Not gonna listen to anybody
Tell me who and what to be!
Not tryin to be like anybody
Tired of playin make believe
Cuz I lead the blind, and The blind lead the blind
My time our time our time its time
My time our time our time
Not lookin back cuz you've had enough
(You don't know what trouble is)
But when the game of politics, Sissy talk one time
(with ya mind with ya mind with ya mind)
Stupid fools, with stupid rules!
(Yo had enough of this!)
All your stupid rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yo you keep your finger of the switch, Dun
All your stupid rules!!!!!!!!
Don't you understand your own dillusion?
All your stupid rules
Now, don't you understand your own confusion?
All your stupid rules
Make up a fantasy in your little mind
Follow me don't let the blind lead the blind
All your stupid rules
Follow me don't let the blind lead the blind!
Yo the years went by live your lives
The march that suits Mcmahon
Give us a shot we'll give ya nothing
The smart one, the mellow one, the easy one
Well its our time now
Its our time now
You know its our time now, Let the truth set you free!!!!!!!!!!!
(Hah! Yo Dun, Keep your finger off the switch)
Its our time!
Its our time!
Its our time for the......... Grab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know I've had enough of this!
You know I've had enough of this
Who um...... Whos sleeping with who around here?
(I've had enough of this)
(You know I've had enough of this!)
(I've had enough of this)
Yeah!!! The years went by live your lives,
The march that suits Mcmahon
Give us the show, we'll give you nothing
The smart one, The responsible one, The easy one, The mellow one well its our time....
Its our time!
Its my time!
Its our time for the........ Grab!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You will find out what trouble is
You will..... Mark my words... Find out....... What trouble..... Is
Yo tell me something? Who's sleeping with who?
Does anybody know whos sleeping with who....?

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