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Radiohead – Bones lyrics

I don't want to be crippled cracked
Shoulders, wrists, knees and back
Ground to dust and ash
Crawling on all fours

When you've got to feel it in your bones
When you've got to feel it in your bones

Now I can't climb the stairs
Pieces missing everywhere
Prozak painkillers

When you've got to feel it in your bones
When you've got to feel it in your bones
And I used to fly like peter pan
All the children flew when I touched their hands

When you've got to feel it in your bones
When you've got to feel it in your bones

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    Actually, I think it's about the exerience of a negative realtionship; the overall tone of the piece is very reminiscent of Radiohead's "True love waits". A guy saying, hey, I'm don't want to get this messed up. In the first verse he's saying he can see what is going to happen and he cannot feel within himself any hope in the justification of the negatives of the experience- this is not love, in other words.
    How can this be love "When you've got to feel it in your bones,"?
    In the second verse Thom goes on to say he has taken on the realtionship and all the bad things he's expected have come to pass. He can't climb the stairs and he's moved onto using painkillers and antidepressents to get through the experience.
    The third verse goes on to bemoan tyhe loss of social staus by being isolated in the realtionship- old drinking friends gone, the fanzuine friends you had- no one laughs at your jokes, no one joins you on grand adventures. "I used to fly like Peter Pan" seems a direct reference to the uni boy who never grew up lifestyle- the lifestyle of an artist. In approaching another there is a monstorous chance that they are going to be a member of the status quo, the rational world. Hence, Thom is saying that he has been forced to grow up, change from the routines and lifestyle that he had, and has become just another face in the crowd.
    Least that's what I think.
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    Well he is very literal. He is describing the aging process. However, the chorus if left alone would make me think he wants me to really get whatever it is I'm doing done to my very bones, "When you've got to feel it in your bones.", is very close to this although the use of "When" again brings home the literal point of what can happen when we age.
    We've got youth (I used to fly like Peter Pan) and old age (the rest of the song pretty much).
    There's nothing really to interpret. But, again, without the lyrics in front of me, I'd say the song means I need to really get into something that I'm doing so that it goes to my bones deep in experience.
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