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R. Kelly – Put My T-Shirt On lyrics

Here... Put This On..... Listen......

Wonna s** you in my white T
Do you in my white T
Freak you in my white T
Gurl put on my white T

Lyin here up in the bed checkin you out while your in that bathroom gurl (you look so good steppin out
The shower) I'm lookin at the way you rubbin lotion on your body damn you know you s*** gurl (what's it I've
Gotta bout another hour) so we might as well do what we do an still time to get up an you walk around here
The way you do (gurl imma bout to loose my job over you) I swear I never seen a t-shirt look so damn tight
My triple x on your body gurl you make it look so right.

T-shirt on gurl I love to see you wit my t-shirt on after we just got through hitten it in my home (baby
This is what I wonna do) wonna s** you in my white t stroke you in my white t honey put this... T-shirt on
Gurl I love to see you wit my t-shirt on after we just got through hitten it in my home (gurl this is what
I wont) bend it ova in that white-t let me hit it in that white-t

[Verse 2:]
Shes standin at the medicine cabinet I'm like what is takin her so long (I'm in my wife beater an my
Jeans) she's brushin her teeth while she pokes it out an tempted to call in sick an stay home (if she don't
Stop teasin me) goin back back forth an forth in an out of the closet gurl you know just what you doin an I
Suggest you stop it (please) I swear I've neva seen a t-shitr look so damn tight my triple x on your body
Gurl you make it look so right..

[chorus 2x]

[Verse 3:]
The way we bout to have fun we don't need nothin on nothin on except our socks an I wont you gurl I wont you
Gurl to hell wit the clock so come out the bathroom get on in this bed let me love you gurl from your feet
To head first I was goin to work now I'm not goin to work all because that t-shirt hey

[chorus 2x]

Gurl you know you look so good to me imma bout to put it down just keep on teasen me y you doin this to me
When you kno I gotta go to work walk around here in nothin but my t-e-e-e-e e-e-e-e-e-e-e e-e-e-e-ee-e
E-e-e-e-eee-ee shirt

Ahhh... Sss.. Come ova herelets stay tonight.... I'm not goin to work.... An uh I suggest you to make
Some calls...

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