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Quincy Punx – Brady Bunch lyrics

Mr. Brady in a martial spat killed Mrs. Brady with a baseball bat
Now in prison his debt will be paid he left six kids with
A drug addicted maid, Alice shoots smack every day of the week,
The kids went wild and they turned into freaks
One day they cooked tiger up for lunch, that's what happened to the Brady Bunch
They didn't just go into sindication
They practiced all sorts of deviation
The Brady Bunch Gregs in the big house for sellin' coke, every night he
Gets his corn hole poked, Marsha's livin' way down in Mexico
She makes her living in a donkey show, Pete found a job
As a side show geek, bites the heads off of chickens
While they squak and sqeek, Jan found her self, now
Shes a dyke shes got tatooz leather boots and a
Motor bike
Bobby was a minister on television
Now he's facing life in prison, molested little kids and he
Fucked a goat, stole a million dollars and sailed away on
A boat, Cindy ended up bein' my bitch shes out on the street
Corner maken me rich, evernight I stick my dick in her
Face and tie her little blonde big tails around my waist

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