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Quiet Riot – Thunderbird lyrics

"Thunderbird" as recorded by
Quiet Riot
Hello you Yes it's me You can come back Flying free
You think you've found everything that you need
Fly away Fly away To your new home across the sea
Leave your nest Baby Leave the best thing that you've been
Fly off Thunderbird Fly, Fly off Spread your wings to the sky
Fly off Thunderbird Fly
On your own, And I'm alone in the shadow of what we've done
And I can't help but think That some day you'll be back home
Fly away, fly away, to your new home across the bay
Leave your nest, oh baby leave the best thing that you've been
When all is said, all is done, Still I live and carry on
Don't look back but think of me We'll meet again Fly away, Oh-Oh
Fly off Thunderbird Fly, Fly off Spread your wings through the sky
Fly off Thunderbird Fly
Fly off Thunderbird Fly, you've got to fly away
Fly off Spread your wings through the sky, up to the sky
Fly off Thunderbird Fly

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    When we (me mey brother and our good friends)heard this song we thought about Randy, but then a horrible thing happend and one of our friends died, and now when we hear this song we think of both of then. Don't you thunk they could be doing that too? Memories are forever but songs like that, that touch that place in your heart are few and far between. I think that Randy would be honored that te song of his death touched so many hearts no matter how it got out there! Thank you!
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  • t
    Oops. I meant Rhoads. That's the correct spelling. And there shoulda been a) after infamous review. Cc wasn't that bad, though. Kind of a carbon copy of Metal Health, right down to another Slade cover. I even liked some of qriii. Especially the wild and the Young. I think Dubrow's attitude kind of killed the whole thong in the end. Carlos Cavazo was no Randy Rhoads, but who is? No one we'v e seen in the last 30 years that's for sure. And if you even try to mention Satch, Yngvie, Marty Friedman
    or even Dime, God rest his soul, you're wrong. And way outta line. There will never be another Randy. I wish he'd have never gone for that joyride in Leesburg. It's sucked ever since.
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  • t
    I think it's pretty obvious this was for Randy. I don't know what kd's intentions were when he put this on the album. He talked about Randy's death in
    interviews with kind of a non-chalant attitude about it (refer to 1984 Kevin Dubrow interview in Wolfgang's Vault), but they were obviously pretty tight at one point. The band was renamed "DuBrow" after Randy and Rudy left for Ozzy. They reformed and reverted back to Quiet Riot only after Randy's death. Which seemed kinda shady. I don't think Rudy (or Frankie) would've knowingly exploited the situation, but Kevin did write the song, and we all know how he was with the "I paved the way for you metal bands" stuff when Condition Critical turned out to be "Condition Terminal" (refer to infamous album review. It's a classic, though. And I'd like to think it was an honest tribute to Roades. He was the best there ever was, is, or shall be. Hands down.
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