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Queens Of The Stone Age – Misfit Love lyrics

Wanna see my past in flames,
Don't waste a drop baby, I ain't fussed.
Where I was born, no escape,
There, there ain't even no good/bad drugs.
In the city is it true?
If you don't, you act like you do.
Feast of fools. I can't wait,
Give 'em a taste of my misfit love.
Feel my heart wake up.

Ain't born to lose baby,
I'm born to win,
I'm so goddamn slick baby, it's a sin,
It's a sin.

Transforming is becoming on me...

Do me first, do your worst.
Gimmie what I want some of.
One track mind, no time to waste.
Sidewalks, feel me strut so good?
Gutter, don't forget this face,
Let 'em taste my misfit love.
I'll show you all my dirty tricks,
Then show 'em again,
I'm so proud of em.
It's cruel to be constantly,
Feel my heart play dumb.

Ain't born to lose baby,
I'm born to win,
I'm so goddamn sick baby, it's a sin,
It's a Sin.

Just a dead man, walking through the dead of night,
And if you are going anywhere tonight? Just a dead end,
Walking through the dead of night and if you are going,
Can I get a ride?
Just a dead man walking through the dead of night,
Its impossible to wait until the light,
Cause, I'm already gone,
If you bet on me, you've won.

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