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Queens Of The Stone Age – Fairweather Friends lyrics

One two three four...

Is there anyone out there
Or am I walking alone

When I turned around and found that you'd gone before
The first rain could fall

It seems every single time I was bleeding
Broken promises that never came true
Well it ain't so long before the dawn
When the sun is gone so are...
Well, so are you

So what's it gonna take
To get you back in bed
Gossip, frauds, and snakes
They're just our best fairweather friends
Fairweather friends

One day when we're
Far away
From everything that hurts
Drink wine and screw is all we'll do
Every day

So what's it gonna take
To get you back in bed
Gossip, frauds, and snakes,
They're just our best fairweather friends

You know the hour's late
Don't let them in your head
Go out brave the rain
And get out of bed

Fairweather friends (x2)

Fairwe... I don't give a shit about them anyhow

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