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Pursuit Of Happiness – The One Thing lyrics

I'm no ladies man - I don't run around
It's really not my style
I mean I like to flirt but I don't want to hurt
You could say I'm just a friendly guy
It doesn't often happen but sometimes I'll get a girl laughing
That's if she'll even give me a look
But when it comes to matters of the heart I'll tell you right up front
I'm playing by the book
Baby, there is one thing I am saving just for you
Darling, I got one thing I ain't giving to nobody but you
Sometimes if she's not shy I like to steal a little kiss
A little kiss if she's willing and young
Sometimes she'll be a little too eager
(I hate it when they almost choke you with their tongue)
That's when I back off and try and catch my breath
And think of what I've got to lose
She might be pretty and witty and fun but between the two of you
I know who I'll chose
Sometimes I go too far - the girls just think I'm icky
They can see the boner in my pants
I know I should keep my hands to myself
But I can't -- I just can't
My skin gets creepy crawly and I'm so alcoholly
That I know it's time for me to leave
'Cause it all means nothing
I belong to you and that's something you'll just have to believe

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