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Pulp – Cocaine Socialism lyrics

I thought that you were joking / when you said 'i want to see you / to discuss your
Contribution / to the future of our nation's heart and soul / six o'clock, my place,
Whitehall' / well I arrived just after seven / but you said 'it doesn't
Matter' / 'i understand your situation / and your image, and I'm flattered / oh
And I'd just like to tell you / that I love all of your albums / could you sign this for
My daughter? / she's in hospital, her name is miriam / now get down to the gist: / do you
Want a line of this? / are you a (sniff) / socialist? ' / 'doin' fine, yeah! /
Buzzin' all the time / just one hit / and I feel great / and I support / the welfare state
/ oh, you must be socialist / cause you're always off out on the piss / in your private
Member's bar / oh yes you are / yer superstar / well you sing about common people / and
The mis-shapes and the misfits / so can you bring them to my party / and get them all to
Sniff this? / and all I'm really saying / is come on and rock the vote for me / all I'm
Really saying / is come on roll up that note for me / the gist of all of this is / do you
Want hits or d'you want misses? / are you a socialist, yeah / socialist, yeah / socialist,
Yeah / oh yeah' / 'yeah, you can be just what you want to be / just as long as
You don't try to compete with me / and we've waited such a long time / for the chance to
Help our own kind, so now / please come on and tow the party line / oh you owe it to
Yourself / don't think of anybody else / and we promise we won't tell / oh we won't tell,
And we won't sell' / no we won't / no we won't / no we won't

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