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Public Enemy – Super Agent lyrics

Yea, haha.
Oh, kick that shit G. Nuttin.
Sold, black gold, one strong buck,
To the Milwaukee Bucks, for a million bucks.
Just get him off the streets so he don't get bucked.
Super agent to the rescue so he won't get fucked.
Uh. Run nigga run to the auction block.
But you can't pledge alligence to the block.
This buck here, is the right kinda stock.
For sale for passin, the right kinda rock.
Yo. Auctioneer Stern, to massive fuck.
Can a nigga go home to where he used to walk?
Come back, but super agent said, "You can't talk"
I didn't know basketball had a bauk.
Uh the Buck runs laps, while they run craniums.
Players be drainin em, owners be claimin em.
Super agents fraimin em and then nicknamin em.
Drainin they ass, to pack them stadiums.
Super agent (Super agent, where are you now?)
Super agent (What a hell of a man)
(Where you at?) Super agent (Super agent, where are you now?)
Never flagrant (Big daddy moves).
(Where you at?) Super agent (Super agent, where are you now?)
Super agent, (Backstabbin) super agent,
(Super agent, where are you now?)
Never flagrant (Watch yo back)
Let's get it on!!
The players ear word for word verbatum.
Super agent got him locked. Coaches be hatin him.
Super agent wouldn't even come in my hood.
If I had no skills, was wackin' no good.
Uh, in my neck of the woods the leagues concrete.
One can only dream about wood, yea.
Feel the grain and let the bills get paid.
Pay respect to the projects,
And the half court rejects.
Scholarships, save that college shit.
Then championships, don't pay for the head trips.
Can I get a chance if I don't sing or dance?
Right about romance? Or wear short pants?-a

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