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Protest The Hero – Sequoia Throne lyrics

Did you come here to kill or did you come here to die?
And did we really think that spaceships would descend from the sky?

Bending light and beaming forth across space-time
To see us scared in the reflection of their oil black eyes?
And stalk us like a predator
Like our movies imply?

They're not the ones who come to kill us,
Come to fill us full of lead
They're not the ones who hate us
And they are not the ones who mutilate our animals
Or travel through the stars; they're not the ones who cause us harm

We are
We are, we are, we are
We are still-life and cold blooded
We are still-life and cold blooded

Hellbent on Heaven [x4]

While our righteous men are stuffing corpses full of shit and faith

We are, we are, we are still life
We are, we are, we are still life
We are, we are, we are

They're not the ones who cause us harm
We are, we are
(Did you come here to kill or did you come here to die?)
We are still-life in cold blood
We are still-life in cold blood
We feel
We feel nothing

Stuffing corpses full of shit and faith
They bloviate about a future beyond the moon
To bring about another planets doom
To discover peaceful life
And beat a war-drum to it's tune
Unless my prayers are answered
And our end is coming soon.

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Corrected byAzazel15


  • u
    I see "hell-bent on heaven" as this:.
    Humanity is so obsessed with creating a heaven for themselves to live in that they will do anything to make that heaven which they aim for a reality. Humanity thinks that the goal justifies the means, the goal being a heaven created by our own hands. But everything that we think stands in our way will be completely destroyed be it animals, the planet or ourselves just so we can continue to create this twisted vision of heaven.
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  • u
    Easiest of all the protest songs.
    Sequoia throne represents humanity sitting on an impressive, gigantic throne. However, this throne is not of our making, earth built it, and builds thousands more like it.
    From this stolen throne we feel entitled to, humanity self justifies everything. Western culture is worse than many other parts of the world. These artists come from ottawa, ca. Because of how self justified we feel, rather than finding blame in ourselves, we put the blame and the dangers on imaginary or minor sources.
    "did you come here to kill.. Or die" is the earths challenge to us. Equally possible is that the quote represents the worst possible interaction between two humans meeting.
    They finish by warning us against spreading out and bringing doom to other planets. They foresee us bringing war to the galaxy.
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  • u
    We're animals put on this planet, boasting about a peaceful tomorrow, but the only way to make peace is to kill. "did you come here to kill, or did you come here to die? " basically we're are the ones you kill us, not some aliens that will come and kill us, like the movies imply.
    We feel nothing, we're hellbent on heaven. Looking towards a peaceful tomorrow beyond the moon, beating our war-drum. If this doesn't change soon, the end is coming soon, like doomsday.
    I'm using para-phrases from the song making what I think the song is meaning.
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  • x
    The aliens are just a device they use to show how we blame others. It's always someone else that we displace blame to and pth is saying that we're the source of all our problems. Us humans. Not some stupid myth or belief in alien life that might ultimately destroy us, but the very people who helped develop this planet will have a hand in it's destruction.
    That opening screaming line is like that saying they had during war, "Kill or be killed."
    The Hellbent on Heaven chorus signifies that we're so fixated on afterlife, we're completely messing up our lives on Earth.
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