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Proof – Ja' In A Bra lyrics

Its Murder, Haha it's Murder
We Back Up In This Mother fucker
(word to mother)
Its Murder, Ya'll Know Who We Be
Are. You. L. E I. N. C
My nigga Fatal On The Mother Fuckin Ones And Twos
Holla Back You bitch As niggaz

Ayo c*** Sucka If Ya'll Have Heard Yet This nigga Changed His 'Loose'
N I Got Proof.. Yea I Got "Proof"

*Beat Switch*


You Know My Name it's Like This proof

D12, Sicknotes.. It's War Now!! Woof!!
No Prisoners, No Casualties, All My Riders Lets Ride C'mon

Verse 1:
Word On The Street Is I Murdered This inc
You Wack With The Hands Not Deservin The Heat
Ya Nervous In Beef.. Ta Irv And His Peeps
I Aint Rappin No More I Speak Through The Kurb In The Streets
Ya Hench Man Is Pissed Ta Get A Poor Job
That Midget Cookie Monster Hangin From A Door Knob
Ya'll Lucky I don't Like Touchin Women
And don't Send No Peace Talk Summing With Russel Simmons *Woof*
Got The Right Connections
My Conception, On With Beef, You Sleep
Your Life Is Deffinately gone
Don't Ever Sink At Least A Woof Of Rap
You'll Need More Than A Bush Attack Ta Push Me Back *Woof*
You Think it's Just 50 And Sha
Listen Up Ja, No Kissin And Now
Detroit City Wishin You Die
I Know You Just Wanna Rap And Be Pop
.. But Before it's Said And don't You Gon' See 'Pac *Woof*

Ya'll don't Want War.. Ya'll Want Talk
In The Dark My Dogs All Bark Like woof
Proof nigga I'm A Wolf
Now You All Shook..
About Ta Get Ya Brain Pushed Back

Verse 2:
Chris Gotti..
This nigga Had The Nerve Ta Have 10 niggaz Sneak Me Juss Ta Get With Me
I'm Only 160..
And The Fact Is Murder inc Is djs & Kittens I Only Walk Out With Scratches
Wearin A Rolex Shirt..
So If that's Ya Streets Speakin Ya Threats don't Hurt *Woof*
You Cowards Do Somethin 'Fore We Do Ours
I Could Write A Ja Rule Album In Two Hours (Nigga)
Leave You Dead On Ya Back, Run Ya Pockets Flat
Like Federal Tax, Put Ya Head On The Rack *Woof*
Its All Bad Only Thing Good Is Death
In L. A. G-Unit Posted And Suge Left (Fat Bitch)
I'm From Detroit, Went To Hollis..
And Hollis niggaz Is Like "Ja's Garbage, don't Even Bother" (Haha)
Plus Ya Over Witness Gangstaz Is Mad
That 50 Made Wanksta N Wanksta' Deffinition Juss aint tough
With Pictures N Ya'll Wanna Brawl.. With A Paint Brush
Paintin His War Marks.. I'm Losin My Patients
It Aint Just.. D12 And Obie Homie
Cancel Ya Shows, Respect And Act Like You Know Me
Its Songs With Hailie' Name Again And I'm Catchin A Jet
9/11 Style To Ya Face And Ya Chest
9/11 Style.. To Ya Face And Ya Chest
Its Over nigga Gettin Wet On They Set

Ya'll don't Want War.. Ya'll Want Talk
In The Dark My Dogs All Bark Like woof
Proof nigga I'm A Wolf
Now You All Shook..
About Ta Get Ya Brain Pushed Back (x2)

Ha.. I Aint Even Talkin No More
I can't Believe My Name Came Out Your Hoe ass Mouth nigga
Talkin Bout.. Like "We Gave It To Proof"
Your bitch ass Was Scared To Come In That Club nigga
Ya'll Aint Got That..
Ima Tell You Like This.. Black-Child, Chris Gotti..
I'm On That ass nigga, Word Is Born
So Ya'll niggaz Go Get Ya Wanna-be Street niggaz
Recruit Who You Wanna Recruit..
Cus Ima Murk All Ya Soldiers And Recruit Ya Bosses When it's Over
Nigga Big Proof.. D12..
Only 163.. I Left Out With Scratches nigga
Wait Till Ya'll niggaz Come To The D'
Oh Ya'll Want New York.. I Just Love [?] I'll Be Back
Fuckin With Ya bitch..
Ayo Cookie Monster.. Come Get Me nigga hahaha Hoe ass nigga
Hahaha And don't Make Me Really Write Some shit haha

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