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Professor Green – Nightmares lyrics

[Chorus – Kobe]

And I'm drunk and I'm blowin'
I don't know what I'ma do.
Got it cocked, ready loaded,
And I'm looking for you,
In your nightmare.
I'll be right there.

[Royce Da 5'9]

Yeah, uh.
You ain't even in a realm we spit
Freddy Krueger pencil on my Elm Street shit.
Believe none of what you see, none of this shit you've heard.
I call rolling a blunt of herb turning over a new leaf.
A mixture of Biggie and Pac.
Going upside your head, with a mic stand at your show,
It's me giving you props.
My mind's pure, I thank Pope,
I game 'til the bank's broke,
And my flow's as overcame as Frank Ocean.
It aint a thing to hang a ling, night tears by day.
Nightmares of the night like dang to dang.
With 6 million ways to end your life,
And I chose the tool over the bloody club with the finger knives
I'm who you can't stand, probably leanin'
You probably dreamin' 'bout Mr. Sandman mixed with up with Robert Englund.
I put it right there to see.
How could I ever have a bad dream when a nightmare's me?

[Professor Green]

Hahaha, everything in life comes at a price.
It's time for you to pay.

My pen is my paintbrush, I'm forever taking it farther and further,
God forbid that I ever extend my arm to murder.
You don't wanna see me with these Shih-Tzu's in a pen, I'm a pit-bull
The world needs a new Fritzl doesn't it!
I ain't thinking about pistols, fuck a stick!
I'm more interested in doing some other shit,
Planning shit out, and really having some fun with it!
Disintegrating your body instead of dumping it!
I don't care how uncomfortable your cupboard is,
I'll be up in it, until I hear your front door opening,
You're coming in, until it's time to get to work.
With the screws and all the other tools that I come here with
Yeah I'm fucking sick in the head. Should I operate in silence?
Or pick a cassette to drown out the screams as the blade tickles your flesh.
I can hear the heart in your chest beat as you plead to me.
Until I cut your tongue out when I'm sick of hearing you beg!
Should have quit while ahead! You little fuck!
You think a little blood is punishment? Enough for all the things that you said?
Just as the blade I picked to finish you hits your neck, you wake up shivering in your bed.
Yeah I'm a nightmare.

[Chorus – Kobe]

And I'm drunk and I'm blowin'
I don't know what I'ma do.
Got it cocked, ready loaded,
And I'm looking for you,
In your nightmare.
I'll be right there.

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