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Professor Green – Astronaut lyrics

She was on her way home he was lying in wait,
Assistance from others had never led her astray,
She had a good day,
Was persuaded by summer air to walk instead of getting the train,
The decision so innocent as innocent as she,
Uncorrupted so innocent and sweet
An innocence interrupted by an incident
A dissonance in two people so different in belief
She came from the depths and ascend, bumped into he who dement,
Intent on inflicting the same pain that been led
The decision made by he for she had never consented.
And unprovoked the most vemonous attack,
He took from her that which she can't get back,
And left her with that that she can't get rid of
Which is why whenever it's time for lift out

She builds a rocket out of stars in her spoon,
Straps up, the only way to make it to the moon,
Dear god, I hope you haven't forgot
This young brave astronaut

A habit she never wanted,
A pain she needed numbing,
And she'd rather feel nothing than the pain
An evening she can't forget,
Memories she can't stomach
Not for nothing but a needle in her vein
Friends she ignored till the phone stopped ringing,
Till her door stopped knocking,
Her door she only opens to let him in,
But she has no money so she lets him come
You can take that either away

A window she rarely opens so she can see the day,
Her stove she only uses to heat her spoon,
For her the only way she can reach the moon.
She builds a rocket out of stars in her spoon,
Straps up, the only way to make it to the moon,
Dear god, I hope you haven't forgot
This young brave astronaut

Looking up, looking up, looking up for the young brave astronaut
Give it up, give it up, give it up for the young brave astronaut
I know that you're busy but any time you got,
God please make a visit,
To the young, to the young, to the young,
To the young brave astronaut

She opens the window for a glimpse out
And heats a spoon over the stove
Feels a familiar sting and then slips out
With a window that isn't quite closed
With the window open and the stove still lit,
Along with the rain came a gust of wind,
Which blew the fire out,
Gas still running and her still breathing the gas in.

She builds a rocket out of stars in her spoon,
Straps up, the only way to make it to the moon,
Dear god, I hope you haven't forgot
This young brave astronaut

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  • u
    Whoever that was that said all junkies deserve to die you need to look at your self people don't just run into these things. Its a very stereo typipical thing for you to say. They were kids once too just like you so don't be so judgemental cus maybe one day youll experience knowing a junkie. Just because they have decided to take the wrong road doesn't mean there not human. We all take the wrong road at times for some the road is short but for others it is a very long journey so I suggest you think before you speak. Just think what if it was ur friend ur cousin? Would you wish them dead. I doubt it.
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  • u
    As many have stated, this is about a girl who had never been in trouble who was innocent. She made a simple choice to walk home as it was a nice day and she bumped into a man who raped her. She became traumatized with the memories and it sent her on a downward spiral. She got involved in drugs, more specifically heroin and ignored the world. She sells her body to get the money for more drugs. However one day she opens the window, takes a shot of heroin and passes out. With the window open a gust of wind blew out the flames on the stove and her room beginning filling with gas. Most probably she died.
    The chorus is more specifically asking god that when she dies don't judge her for the bad she has done. Look out of her.
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  • u
    Its about a girl who was on her way home and chose to walk instead of getting the train because it was a nice day and she got taken and raped, and was then forced to sell her body for money so she could buy drugs, as she was sterilising needles on the stove she opened the window for fresh air because she was being kept in a house and not aloud out, the wind blew the fire out without her realising and she died from breathing the gas in and I know this as professor green explained the meaning of this song at one of his concerts when he was on tour this year.
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  • u
    It means the girl was so depressed she pays 4 it with s**! She, s so lost. Had stress, broke frm friends. So she feels no love in her life at that moment. So she puts the heroin in the spoon, adds, citric, prob bout a 1 mil needle cooks the hit up, puts a filter in soaks it up. Ur not listening she left the window open, the gas still running boom! As she, s slipped into her little coma the hit went straight through her body so you end up sparkled you don, t no wats going on round you. Remember the stoves lit a gust of wind what did you think would happen in the kitchen. So sad. A little love and help can go I long way, man shes stuck I feel her pain. That's ur answer people;) worst drug in this planet, sorry so are a few more. My opinion! Keep ur heads up you are loved.
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  • j
    Every single one of these words has a meaning, and professor green speaks the truth, who ever says junkies need todie, need to have a long think about what they say, this girl didn't have a choice, its the only thing she could dototake the pain away, she got raped on the way home, and turned to drugs as a pain releif. Professor green is my idol! , and every song that he sings, are like hevan in my ears! :-), much love!
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