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Procol Harum – Without A Doubt lyrics

I'm going downstairs to be a poet
Got a great idea: gonna write a sonnet
A verse or two of fearless prose
A priceless quip to gild the rose
I'll make my fortune overnight
My work will set the world alight

Just a line is all I need
Just a thought to sow the seed
Just a word to start me out.
The rest will come without a doubt

I'm going downstairs to write a book
Got a great idea's gonna really cook
A rattling good yarn with an ironic twist
A riveting ending that's not to be missed
Makesure the presses are ready to steam
This book is a scorcher, a publisher's dream

Just the first part's all I need
The rest will come with lightning speed
Just a line to set the stage.
My pen will dance across the page

I'm going downstairs to write a play
Got a great idea gonna make it pay
This serious drama won't be understood
The critics will love it and say that it's good
"at last a new writer, a true nouvelle vague"
In no time at all I'll be king of the stage

Just a story's all I need.
Just a thought to sow the seed
Just a line to start me out .
The rest will come without a doubt

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