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Prince – One Night Alone lyrics

" pearls B4 the swine"

If I leave my front door open
Would you come and visit me?
Just 2 slander my name hopin'
That I would pack my bags and leave...
If I did would rembember
2 feed the dove aad clean the cage?
And never count in front of the children
Lest they die of old age

I don't really know y we have 2 go are separate ways
Whether or not we grow after the seeds are sown
Only time ca say...

Can I offer ubaklava
Or a bagel with cream and cheese?
Will we say grace 2 are father
Holding hands on down on or knees?
Are we better off just fighting?

You on ur side, me on mine
Are the words that I keep writing...
Only pearls b4 the swine?
What mmakes men claims that ur a friend
When u're not at all?
They knock you down and then,
They lift you again, just 2 c you fall...
But like a bird i'll keep on singing...
A song that never leaves ur mind
If nothing else u've taught me one thing...
" Never cast pearls b4 the swine"

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