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Prince – Jerk Out lyrics

I got real bored on a Friday night
I couldn't find a damn thing 2 do
So I pulled out a suit
About the same color as my BMW
I drove 2 the party and I pimped on in
Just 2 see what I could see
Everybody knew what I was lookin' 4
I was lookin' 4 some company

I saw a real fine thing sittin' by the bar
She looked kinda all alone
So I pimped on over and I asked her name
The child was bad 2 the bone
I showed her my stash and I kissed her cheek
The only kind of rap it takes
She knew I was bad when I pulled out a leash
She said, "How much money U make?"

Jerk it, jerk it
Talkin' about the jerk out
Jerk it, jerk it
Talkin' about the jerk out

I took her 2 my crib and I tied her up
I figured that's what she liked
Maybe I was wrong but what the hell
It didn't matter 2 me - she was white
I said "How come people in your neighborhood
Don't like it when a brother's rich?
Ain't my blood the same color as yours?
Answer that question, bitch!"

It just pisses U off 2 see me drivin' that fancy car, don't it?
Bet U'd rather see me drivin' one of those [ester grate ones]
Like the one your daddy drives, wouldn't U?
Let me tell U one thing - that's dead!
About as dead as U'll be if U don't rearrange your brain
Catch my drift?
Turn it up!

Oh, nasty me!

Girl, U think U wanna turn it up?
Where's my checkbook?
That's right, check it out
An awful lot of O's, wouldn't U say? (Mm hmm!)

Hit it
Cross over, uh!

(Ooh, [thunder]) {x2}

Turn it up

Jerk out - Jerkin' everything in sight
Jerk out - Got 2 make some love 2night

Jerk out
Don't cha all just hate it when we walk into y'all's joint
And just jerk out everything in sight?
Don't it make U mad? (Jerk out) {x2}
It'd make me mad!

Everybody in the house say "Jerk out" (Jerk out)
"Ow!" (Ow!)
Say "Jerk out" (Jerk out)
"Ow!" (Ow!)
Everybody say "Jerk out" (Jerk out)
"Ow!" (Ow!)
Everybody say "Jerk out" (Jerk out)
"Ow!" (Ow!)

People, let me turn it up
Which coat should I wear 2night?
If U think I'm vain, U're right
Look out, somebody say "Vanity" (Vanity)

Jerk out (Jerk out) {x8}
Ow! (Ow!) {x2}

Everybody jerk out and do it right
I'm talkin' 'bout the jerk out
Oh Lord, hey yeah
Got 2 make some love 2 night

I'm master of the jerk out
Jerkin' everything in sight
I'm talkin' 'bout the jerk out, Lord yeah
Got 2 make some love 2 night

Turn it up, uh
Jerk out, yeah
Jerkin' everything in sight
Wait a minute, talkin' 'bout the jerk out
Woah, yeah, yeah, jerkin' everything in sight
Jerk out, yeah
Jerkin' everything in sight
I'm talkin' 'bout the jerk out, woah yeah
Gots 2 make...
I got 2 make a little love 2 night, jerk out

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