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Prince – 1+1+1 Is 3 lyrics

Y'all ready 2 get some exercise?
Everybody in the balcony, on your feet
Come on band, aye!

I need 2 talk 2 the ladies 2night
Ladies, are you in here?

If you ain't got no place 2 stay
Come on baby 'round this way
Tell ya, can I tell ya, let me tell ya, tell you how it's gonna be

There's a theocratic order
There's a theocratic order, now
There's a theocratic order, we 'bout 2 get deep, y'all!
Theocratic order, now
Come on, band!

This is how it's gonna be
If you wanna be with me
Ain't no room 4 disagreein', uh
1+1+1 is 3
Hit me, band, whoo! {x2}

Take your time 2 think it through
If this is what you wanna do
Wait a minute band, on the one
Y'all ain't with me 2night
I'm talkin' about theocratic order, are you with me 2night?
Then come on, 2, 3 ah!

Take your time and think it through
If this is what you wanna do
I ain't really that hard 2 please, no sugar (Don't believe it)
1+1+1 is 3 - hit me band, hey!

Hands up, y'all {x2}
Come on, now
Go'n Najee
Play your horn
Turn the house lights on {x3}

Wait a minute, Najee
In the balcony {x2}
I need you 2 take me old school
You know what I want
Ooh ooh!
Come on y'all, say (Ooh ooh)
Come on, y'all, now (Ooh ooh)
Come on, now (Ooh ooh)
I can't here you, say it! (Ooh ooh)
Come on, now (Ooh ooh) {x3}
On the one

Oh boy!
Oh, it must be Saturday night or somethin' it will, oh...
Somebody get me another suit ready
I'm about to sweat this one out
2, 3, come on now, whoo!

Tell me, y'all
How many y'all just came 2 dance?
Let me see you shake your pants
We don't give a duck what you got on
You just need 2 work that s*** body all night long
Hands up, y'all!

Break it down
Where them Banished Ones at?
Said they 'round the back
Don't you cut 'em no slack
I'ma tap, tap, tap
Keep this party going? (Brotha, you know that)
Lakeland, you with me?

On the one
I know y'all crazy!
Y'all tryin' 2 make me tear up something in here I see
Say what?

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