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Pop Evil – 100 In A 55 lyrics

Turn back on the broken heartache
Some things are just meant to be
I still believe that we got a chance
Still believe that we got a chance to be
Too much is never enough and
Too little is never enough
Full speed got me looking out my rear view
I can't go back

Goin' 100 in a 55 and I don't know why I'm still alive but I
Do what I can but I know I can't take anymore
I still believe in this rock and roll
And I pray the music gonna save my soul
But till then I still believe some things are just meant to be

It's messed up but I got this mission
Drunk again wont remember anyway
She said it's just a game boy
Don't be gone don't be gone for long
Ten years I've been doing this forever
Its all I know baby please don't turn away
I know you don't believe in me
But I do believe in you


I'm still falling
Away from here
Away from here
I'm still falling
The wings are falling off
I can't go back
I'm in too deep

Chorus x 2

I still believe
Some things are just meant to be

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  • l
    This person is in a love like he has never been in before. They are going faster than they should be going. He loves her and believes they can make it and no matter how much time they spend together its just never enough. Its all so crazy and messed up that it just has to be "ment to be". But even though he loves her he still fights for his freedom cause its all he has known for ten years but he doesn't want her to give up on him. His "wings are falling off" and no matter how hard he fights it he can't go back. He is in too deep and its just ment to be! I know this myself cause I am in a relationship just like this now. Scared to death but loving it!
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  • d
    I think that his life is spinning out of control, and would like to go back if she would take him back, but its too hard for him to go back, because he is lost, and still doest have answers to some questions. The only thing that he knows that he messed up, and that he can't go back. He thinks that "im in too deep." He just wants to move on, and hopes that his life will save his soul.
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  • u
    Ok lets break it down for ya. He is telling her to turn back to him cause as he expresses through out the song he feels they are meant to be. But he is a musician and is very involved in pushing his career forward (about 10 yrs he says). At the beginning she said "its just a game boy but don't be gone to long" but its been some time now and he still can't let her go (looking in my review). The 100 in a 55 is the life of any musician in the lime light.
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  • j
    I feel that he has gone to far in his own mind, and he has had to leave a relationship/old life due to things in his life, choices he has made, and he feels that he cannot go back. Even if she wants him back and wants to work it out. He feels it's better to move forward from this point because there are still so many unanswered issues in his life that it's still spinning out of control. "The line don't be gone, don't be gone for long" was what my ex told me, but I was in the same place that he is in, and looking in the review is nice, but you can't turn back. To much hurt, and to much pain to do it again. It's easier to drink the memories away then have to face them. But just my opinion.
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  • k
    He's busting his hump trying to make her happy, forgetting his true love for music. When he loses his job he loses his comfort zone just to come home and find her leaving, which breaks him. Doing 100 in a 55 is his way of saying he's exscaping, being wreckless, which is the only way he knows how to be. "I've been doing this forever" He believes in his Rock and Roll and believes that she will be fine without him as well. He turns back on the brokenhearted remebering himself and knows it was meant to be. Kelster.
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